NYC to Open School Playgrounds for Summer

The city will open up 69 school playgrounds to the public within a few weeks as part of its plan to have every New Yorker live within a 10-minute walk of a park by 2030. The majority of public school playgrounds are closed to the public after school hours, and the city wants to open up around 290 of them for public use. The plan, which will involve major construction work on about 190 of the schoolyards, is expected to cost about $114.5 million. more

Over 200 of the 650 NYC Schools have implemented the Peaceful Playgrounds Program which may provide as many as 100 painted games and markings on school campuses. Peaceful Playgrounds is the ideal urban school program as they typically consist of limited play space and predominately asphalt surfaces.

The purpose of the Peaceful Playground Program is to introduce children and school staff to the many choices of activities available on playgrounds and field areas. Each Peaceful Playgrounds Blueprint is designed to assist with measurements, layout, spacing and game placement, as well as provide an overall picture of the final design outcome of a Peaceful Playground.

The Ideal Recess!

Each companion Activity Guide lists age appropriate rules and activities for the game markings found in the blueprint. The Blueprint and Playground Guide is a "do-it-yourself" layout plan for painting and designing your own playground.