This free Be Active Poster Set shows children ways to be physically active. Be Active Your Way including bike riding, running, sports, walking, for 60 minutes each day with simple rhymes to reinforce each activity.

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One Minute Tip Age Appropriate Playground Games
This video Is about the topic of age appropriate playgroundgames.
It is very important that children have age appropriate games for the playground.If the games are age appropriate then you can expect : that children will have the best chance at successful participation.That children will be challenged but not frustrated.That students will enjoy the game and engage in games with other…
January Play Nice Newsletter Released.
This 2 minute video talks about Peaceful Playgrounds recess program and our Founder, Dr. Melinda Bossenmeyer.

Peaceful Playgrounds Recess Program

Peaceful Playground Recess Program Brochure
10 Playground Stencils on Sale now.
 Don't miss our Annual Playground Stencil Sale.  Single stencils include: Hopscotch, basketball key, 4 square, world map and the U.S. Map  Playground Stencil.
How come we play war and not peace, too few role models? -Bill Watterson

Check out some of the Peaceful Playgrounds activities to engage in play.
 Theme Brain Breaks Action Animals Brain Breaks Fall Theme Brain Breaks Brain Breaks : Sports Stars, Cards, Posters, PowerPoint Set Pirate Parade Brain Break Cards, Posters & Powerpoint
A little nonsense now and then, is cherished by the wisest men. Roald Dahl
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Learning is like rowing upstream: not to advance is to drop back. -
Chinese Saying.

Check out Peaceful Playgrounds Posters sets on the topics of Physical Education, Anti-Bullying, and Sports.
Check out Peaceful Playgrounds Posters sets on the topics of Physical Education, Anti-Bullying, and Sports.
Play Nice Newsletter Released. Free Action Animals Brain Break Cards. PEP Grant Update. Grants, Pinterest Boards, U.S. Map Give-A-Way,
Only a few days left to sign up for the Peaceful Playgrounds Training for Trainers Workshop at University of North Carolina Asheville on July 31.

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Small Playground Space?  No Problem

One of the regular questions we receive is :  I only have a small amount of blacktop can I put in Peaceful Playgrounds?

We emphasize that the smaller the play space you have the more important it is to develop the space so that children have a variety of game options. 

I designed a playground in San Francisco, CA a few years back.  The school district brought me in to assist them with the playground design be…
Teaching children the difference between tattling and telling is often an overlooked playground skill that children should be taught.  Taking a couple of minutes to distinguish the difference will have a positive impact on the playground.

Explain to children:

TATTLING-  When you are trying to get someone "in" trouble.

TELLING -  When you are trying to get someone "out" of trouble.

Even the youngest children understand this i…
5 New Grants- Peaceful Playgrounds Trainer of Trainers Workshop Registration and Sale Coupon

Peaceful Playgrounds Play Nice News and Grants Just released. Includes 250 teacher created Brain Breaks and Playground Grants.

New Bullying Prevention Training Center Online! 

Great new resources.

Additional Bullying Resources:

Bullying Compliance Course

Peaceful Playgrounds has Children on the Move Reducing Bullying

Peaceful Playground Encourages Positive Behavior
PHOTOS: “Peaceful Playground” at West Haven, Conn. School - New Haven Register Media Center

Ribbon Cutting for Peaceful Playgrounds at Savin Rock Community School in West Haven, CT.   Photographs by Peter Hvizdak / New Haven Register

(Peter Hvizdak — New Haven Register) Savin Rock Community School in West Haven, Conn. holds a ribbon-cutting for its "peaceful playground" Wednesday, November 20, 2013. The playground has designs and te…
Peaceful Playgrounds Play Nice News and Grants.


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Alice Smith Elementary School has added a colorful new component to its playground, but it’s not all just fun and games. Thanks to an HEF grant, donated paint, and the creative thinking of Smith’s guidance counselor Kristin Lutz, the playground surface is home to a wide variety of new painted stencils.

The stencils are the physical aspect of a ‘Peaceful Playground’ program. Painted this summer by PTO volunteers, the stencils may look simple enoug…