Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Redondo Beach Schools add Peaceful Playgrounds

Redondo Beach Unified adds Peaceful Playgrounds to district schools.

Peaceful Playgrounds

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

The main mission of the RBEF is to enrich the educational experience of the children throughout the Redondo Beach School District. Part of supporting this mission is creating and implementing worthwhile programs through RBUSD schools.
One of the RBEF-supported programs that are currently being implemented throughout the elementary schools in the district is Peaceful Playgrounds. This program promises to bring a variety of new ways to get active and have fun to our students.

What is Peaceful Playgrounds?
Peaceful Playgrounds is a program that provides school staff with a variety of equipment, activities, and expectations to keep students happy, safe, and active during their recess play.
The Peaceful Playgrounds Recess Program turns plain or worn blacktop into a bright and colorful play space. More students are able to get involved and spend time playing rather than having to stand and wait in line.

How is Peaceful Playgrounds successful?
Peaceful Playgrounds is successful by addressing and fixing the five main sources of problems on playgrounds: conflict resolution, rules, equipment, expectations, and designs.
By creating an inviting play space with adequate equipment and opportunities for participation, more kids get moving. Likewise, by having structured play and games with set rules and expectations, fewer students are likely to get injured while playing or misuse equipment. Lastly, students in the Peaceful Playgrounds program learn ways to resolve conflicts on their own. These problem solving and conflict resolution skills can then be used in other areas of their lives.

How is Peaceful Playgrounds being used in RBUSD schools?
Elementary schools across the district are having their play spaces refinished and repainted and have new equipment arriving for their Peaceful Playground activities and games. Staff have been trained in the principles behind the program and have been implementing these techniques on the playground. PE teachers have been busy teaching the students the new games they can look forward to playing on their new Peaceful Playgrounds!
We believe that the Peaceful Playgrounds program will be an excellent addition to our school district and we are excited to see it be used at all of our elementary schools.

Learn more about Peaceful Playgrounds here: http://www.peacefulplaygrounds.com/peaceful-playgrounds-recess-program/

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Peaceful Playground Installed At Clissold Elementary School

Peaceful Playground Installed At Clissold Elementary School

 By Howard Ludwig | July 13, 2015 8:21am

MORGAN PARK — Students at Clissold Elementary School in Morgan Park worked alongside local artists to create a "peaceful playground" on Saturday.

Students and parents from the school at 2350 W. 110th Place were led in the effort by the Beverly Area Arts Alliance.

peaceful playground consisted of a series of designs painted directly
on the blacktop between the Clissold school building and the green space
often used for recess.

“Peaceful Playgrounds enhance learning, prevent bullying and promote positive social interaction on the playground,” said Susannah Papish, a Clissold parent and member of The Alliance.

To learn more about Peaceful Playgrounds and their designs and stencils go to:  Peaceful Playgrounds Recess Program.