Wednesday, May 17, 2017

School Playground Grants

Would $4,000 be of help to your school to improve physical activity and healthy eating opportunities? 

Fuel Up Play60 Grant deadline is approaching.  Apply now before the end of the school year. Deadline is June 14.

Looking for funding to improve the healthy eating and physical activity opportunities at your school? Apply for a grant!


Monday, May 1, 2017

Playground Stencils : One Minute Playground Tip

This Playground Video will talk about how you can use playground stencils to add games to your playground  and show how Cohasset Elementary did just that.

This video is going to show you how Cohasset Elementary school transformed their playground with Peaceful Playgrounds Stencils and Markings.

Before Peaceful Playgrounds, the games were beginning to fade and there were only  a few activities for children to play at recess.

This is a picture of the blacktop space before the playground stencils were applied and the painting began.  Note that they did sweep and wash down the asphalt to insure that the paint last longer.

This shows the principal and parent volunteers laying out a playground stencil for marking the playground.

This shows a teacher and parent that are using playground stencils to chalk in the running track shapes getting it ready for painting. Note the running/jogging track is painted on the playground.

This shows the transformed playground with new markings including Galloping tracks (in progress), skipping tracks, crossover walking etc that must be completed.

This shows the transformed playground with new markings including 2 multi-use circles, and (3) four square courts and a running /walking track run through and around the playground.

Thank you for attending this one minute playground tip on Cohasset Elementary playground design- Before and After Peaceful Playgrounds.       We hope you join us again and check out our You Tube Channel for other playground tips.


For more information on improving your school playground visit: Peaceful Playground Resources.

Thursday, April 27, 2017

School Wins Lowe Tool Box for Education Grant for Peaceful Playgrounds

Elkhart Students Pumped Up for Peaceful Playground

Aurora Public Schools continues to master the art of maximizing students’ time at school. This clearly was on display recently when Elkhart Elementary School hosted staff, students, families and local Lowe’s employees for the construction of the Peaceful Playgrounds Program.

The program, which is funded by the Lowe’s Toolbox for Education grant, focuses on making playground activities more positive and productive.  Volunteers painted alphabet and number grids, hopping and skipping lines, and multi-use circles and squares.
“We were very fortunate to receive the grant,” assistant principal Katie Hartenbach said.  “Our PTO also contributed to the expense to help spruce up our playground … Our students are constantly running and playing now.”