One of our most popular professional articles.  10 Rainy and Snow Day Activities for Indoor Recess and Physical Education Vol. 2 was updated on June 2019.

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This free Be Active Poster Set shows children ways to be physically active. Be Active Your Way including bike riding, running, sports, walking, for 60 minutes each day with simple rhymes to reinforce each activity.

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The Peaceful Playgrounds Exercise Cards (SET 2) are easy to use and describe the exercises in the set, as well as, have an illustration for each task card. They are a great idea for brain break activities inside or perfect for warm-up exercises in physical education class held outside. The digital download provides instant access to the pdf format of 25 exercise cards. This makes a great addition to the Peaceful Playgrounds line of products for…
Brag Tags are a great way to motivate students in a variety of areas. All ages love earning Brag Tags from Kindergarten through High School.
I recently gave out Hamilton Brag Tags to a music group after performing the much-loved musical. The Hamilton Brag Tag was on a 1-inch ring and when the brag tags ran out, high schoolers and middle schoolers alike came to ask for one. Some students wanted them as a memory keeper and many girls immediately …