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The U.S.A. Playground Map Stencil is popular among schools and for playgrounds.  This geographically and proportionately accurate U.S.A. Playground Map Stencil is easy to apply and can be painted by 2 adults in five hours.  Outlining the states in white as shown is optional and requires additional time.  Putting in State Abbreviations is not recommended as it limits the learning opportunities. Complete inst…
U.S. Map Contest Winners for February:
Lissa McMillin Elementary Principal Blair Elementary, OK
Gina Grimes Assistant Principal Saddle Ranch Elementary School Highlands Ranch, CO

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Congratulations to the March 2017 winners of the U.S. Map Stencil Giveaway! SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT Beginning January 2017 we will select 2 U.S. Map Contest Winners Monthly! Enter to win below.Karen Rohrer PE Teacher  Saranac Elementary  Saranac MI  Kristen Cannon Asst. Principal Canterbury Elementary Crystal Lake, IL
Please call the office 951-245-6970 to claim your prize. Winning entries can now contact the Peaceful Playgrounds office to redeem th…
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Topics include:
Mom's Fight for recess
March Download- St. Patrick's Day Fortune Teller Game
U.S. Map Contest Winners
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We've pulled together a list of resources for the US Map Stencil and the World Map Stencil on our website. We will continue to add to this list of resourses.

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Here's some painting suggestions for the US Map Stencil and Worl…
Today's newsletter is devoted to the US Map Stencil Resources.

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In addition to the U.S. Map Stencil we also sell the World Map Stencil. The world map can be used to teach continents and countries of the world. Each of the 5 continents can be outlined along with the major countries and larger bodies of water. Students can learn about history and geography with this map. The map kit forms a world map that is 26' by 36'.…
Claim your prize.  U.S. Playground Map Stencil Winners 
December 2013
 Brant Walker-Cypress Elementary-Newbury Park, CA.

Cindy Sauter-Amanda Elementary-Middleton, OH.

Kim Clawson-Forest Ridge Elementary- Laurel, MD.

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Do you know about our new U.S. Map Stencil Games Book?  It's one of a kind and sure to keep kids active and learning.
Great for outdoor learning activities!
It's finally here the U.S. Map Stencil GAMES BOOK and OUTDOOR LEARNING ACTIVITIES.

Twenty new games for use with the Playground Map Stencil.  Games include:

1.Capitol Toss
2. State Word Search
3. East to West
4. Capitol Match
5. Capitol Spelling Challenge
6. Hands Across America
7. Exercise By Number
8. State Relay
9. Knock Off
10. State Abbreviation Relay
11. State Shake Walk
12. Guess and Travel
13. Where I’ve Been
14. Name Three
15. Musical States
16. H…
Hello Melinda,

Our elementary school has been wanting a USA map for two years.  Finding the volunteers to help was the challenge.
Jason was looking for a project for his Eagle Scout badge.  The map turned out to be the perfect project.

Jason coordinate the volunteers and the school now has two amazing maps.  The maps make the whole playground look so much more colorful and creative.

Taylor Elementary school

Link to order U.S. Playgr…
Contributed by Andrea Bossenmeyer

Our US Map Contest Winners June 2009,
First Lutheran Elementary in Arkansas,
did a beautiful job painting their US Map!
Teachers and 4-H members at W. W. Stewart Elementary School recently painted a United States map on the back patio of the school playground. A stencil was obtained through the Peaceful PlaygroundsUS Map Stencil Giveaway by Physical Education Teacher, Venessa Livingston.