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Order your stencils now and paint this summer for a great fall opening.U.S. Map World Map Walking Jogging Track Recess Stencil Set PE Stencil Set Hopscotch 4 Square Basketball Key Fitness Fun Zone Trail

5 Pack Stencil Set Sensory Pathways $599.00

This Sensory Pathways Set comes with 5 stencils and a set of task cards to add an instructional component. It introduces easy and challenging movement experiences.  The set includes Instructional Task Cards, Vocabulary Cards, Assessment Cards, Extension Activities, and At Home Parent Cards and Activities.  Sensory Pack

Task Cards

Extension Cards
East Street School in MA added Peaceful Playgrounds in August 2017. When East Street staff and students return to school this year they will be welcomed with a new, colorful and fun playground area.
The school is implementing the Peaceful Playgrounds Program which, according to their website is based on the concept that several well-marked, colorfully designed games, such as hopscotch, around the world, four squares, etc. will increase motivation…
This Playground Video will talk about how you can use playground stencils to add games to your playground  and show how Cohasset Elementary did just that.

This video is going to show you how Cohasset Elementary school transformed their playground with Peaceful Playgrounds Stencils and Markings.

Before Peaceful Playgrounds, the games were beginning to fade and there were only  a few activities for children to play at recess.

This is a picture of…
One Minute Playground Video-Body & Space
This is a One Minute video on Playground Tips on Body & Space Concepts.
This video speaks to the issue of playground design.And how it effects learning.
Schools should capitalize on learning opportunities and the playground is an opportunity to reinforce concepts learned in the classroom.
It is important to note that children first learn academic concepts like body in space before they can apply t…
Cahanhassen Villager By Unsie Zuege By all accounts, the Peaceful Playground at Victoria Elementary School (VES) MN is fulfilling its mission: to bring peace and harmony to the playground, get kids moving, hopping, and skipping, and most of all, teaching kids it’s fun and simple to just play. Visitors to the VES playground on the west side of the school, just outside the school cafeteria, will see many play areas with playground stencils painte…
One Minute Tip Age Appropriate Playground Games
This video Is about the topic of age appropriate playgroundgames.
It is very important that children have age appropriate games for the playground.If the games are age appropriate then you can expect : that children will have the best chance at successful participation.That children will be challenged but not frustrated.That students will enjoy the game and engage in games with other…