This one-minute -playground tip video is about the benefits of a Freeze Bell when recess ends.
Our research indicates that 43% of student injuries (on the playground) occurred when students were going to and coming from the playground.So the solution we put Into place was to institute a freeze bell where when the recess bell rang.
We instituted another procedure that when the playground supervisors blew the whistle then students were to walk an…
One Minute Playground Tips -Body & Space

This is a One Minute Video on Playground Tips on Body & Space Concepts.

This video speaks to the issue of playground design.  And how it effects learning.

Schools should capitalize on learning opportunities and the playground is an opportunity to reinforce concepts learned in the classroom.

It is important to note that children first learn academic concepts like body in space before they can appl…
One Minute Playground Tip-Solving Problems
This One-Minute Playground Tip is about Solving Problems on the playground.
We recommend 3 solutions and teach students they have three options when a conflict occurs. Walk away from the problemTalk through the problemUs. Rock, Paper, Scissors.
Walk away means to walk away from the game they are playing and go to a new game on another marking.Kids have lots of choices on a Peaceful Playgr…
One Minute Tip Playground Games

This video Is about the topic of age-appropriate playground games.

It is very important that children have age appropriate games for the playground.  If the games are age appropriate then you can expect:
1. Children will have the best chance at successful participation.
2. Children will be challenged but not frustrated.
3. Students will enjoy the game and engage in games with other students.

Age Appropriate games …
This 2 minute video talks about Peaceful Playgrounds recess program and our Founder, Dr. Melinda Bossenmeyer.

Peaceful Playgrounds Recess Program

Peaceful Playground Recess Program Brochure
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Playground, parking lot or both???

I love it when I get questions like the one  below:

Good morning! I work at a local children\'s hospital which does a lot of work with the above school. We are trying to increase their wellness and physical activity options throughout the school day and was interested in Peaceful Playgrounds. The school currently just has an asphalt parking lot that they use for recess. 

They have some balls and equipment bu…
The NFL's San Diego Chargers, a team with a strong and lengthy community commitment to San Diego's youth, brought a Peaceful Playground and an Action Based Learning Lab to students at Nye Elementary on September 30, 2014.

The Chargers made this possible courtesy of a $30,000 grant awarded by the Chargers' Champions Program in 2013.  Following the ribbon cutting, Chargers' players Darrell Stuckey and Shareece Wright delighted s…
Peaceful Playgrounds has a number of resources for improving your playground. One of which is the Playground Behavior Report. #PE #recess #playgrounds
Teaching children the difference between tattling and telling is often an overlooked playground skill that children should be taught.  Taking a couple of minutes to distinguish the difference will have a positive impact on the playground.

Explain to children:

TATTLING-  When you are trying to get someone "in" trouble.

TELLING -  When you are trying to get someone "out" of trouble.

Even the youngest children understand this i…