An inexpensive way to get kids moving? Loose equipment.
The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) put out a safety alert regarding summer sun and the resulting hot playground equipment and the risk of burns.  Plastics, rubbers and metal equipment and surfacing have a potential to become hot enough to burn a child.

Download the CPSC Burn Safety Awareness Fact Sheet

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Can Playgrounds Be Safe? 

Box Tops for Education

This is a great time to begin to plan for Box Tops for Education.

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From Whitter Daily News
By Tracy Garcia, Staff Writer
Posted: 10/25/2009

"It's something I read about on the Internet and it grabbed my eye," said Principal Marla Duncan, who said the 575-student campus had been fundraising for years to get new playground equipment.

"But we raised money not knowing how expensive (the equipment) is, along with the installation," she said.

"And since we couldn't afford to put more equi…
A retiring high school science teacher wanted to leave behind a gift for four elementary schools in the district. After much searching it was decided that the Peaceful Playgrounds Program "fit the bill" not only in cost but need as well. Superintendent Linda Hicks told the elementary principals to “dream big” and come up with something special.

And that they did! “We said what could we get that would be good for all four schools and i…
An interesting situation is developing in North Carolina. Advocates say that if the playground is "safe enough" for children to use during the school day then afterschool programs should have the same requirements. As a result, they are pushing for a bill that would exempt public elementary school playgrounds from regulations that private child-care facilities that operate afterschool programs must abide by.

Savitt a lobbist disagrees,…
Due to the current economic situation large budget items like playground structures, have been put on hold, however, a increasing popular playground solution know as "loose parts playgrounds" are gaining in popularity and functionality.

Loose parts for the playground setting are easily mobile, low cost, and have been shown to increase physical activity in children. What are loose parts? Parachutes, sand toys, balls and bean b…
Peaceful Playgrounds tips to getting the most out of your playground equipment.

The expected lifespan of a playground ball is one year. The following suggestions will lengthen the durability of playground balls:

* Do not over inflate.
* Do not leave sitting outside all day in the direct sunlight. Move the ball cart into a shaded area when not in use.
* Kids should not sit on the equipment.
* If you have a wall for games like handball…
It's that time of year to think about ordering for the opening of a new school year. Peaceful Playgrounds Equipment Replenishment Packs makes ordering quick and easy. We figured out the items that need replacing annually and developed a pack to meet your needs.

This package replaces the consumable products in the Peaceful Playgrounds Companion Pack.

Consumable products are volleyballs, basketballs, soccer balls, kick balls, playground balls,…
For those of us in the play business, a presidential swing set, while not earth shaking news, is an opportunity to remind folks that play "Is important!"

If we understand on the most basic level that play is essential to leading a happy and healthy life, it comes as no surprise that the President would give his children a swing-set. After all, he's Harvard educated.

These days parents are more likely to organized a "play da…
A study released in the January/February Issue of Child Development found that preschoolers were mostly inactive at play. The study conducted by researchers from the University of South Carolina looked at 30 minutes of indoor and outdoor play viewing approximately 300,000 episodes. Overall the researchers determined that during the course of a typical day, 89 percent of children's activities were sedentary, 8 percent were lightly active an…
Kaboom and Stonyfield Farm have joined up to offer a grant for $50,000 toward a volunteer-built playspace. Schools collect lids to specially-marked yogurt containers for Stonyfield Farm yogurt between now and December 31, 2008. The group that sends in the most lids wins.

Click for more information on Stonyfield Farm Yogurt/Kaboom Grant.

A special thanks to Peaceful Playgrounds Blog Reader "Jason" for bringing this grant to my attenti…
The beginning of the school year is a great time to consider a Box Tops for Education project. Box Tops for Education helps schools to earn cash for things that they need like computers, books and playground equipment. General Mills has donated over $250 Million to schools in the last 12 years.
For the simple act of clipping box top coupons your school can earn up to $20,000 per school year. Why not place this topic on the next PTA/PTO agen…
Goody’s Good Deeds for Schools grants help local schools pay for things they really need but can’t afford through regular education funding. Maximum award: $10,000.

Eligibility: schools in communities where Goody’s stores are located. Fifty schools will be funded in 08-09.

The classroom or school receiving the funds can spend $10,000 on their pipe dreams to whatever will improve the environment for learning including playgrounds, playground equipm…
For more than 30 years Campbell's Labels for Education Program has been providing school playground equipment for schools in exchange for proofs of purchase from Campbell's brands of foods.

Do you know about their new program called Campbell's Recess Awards Program? You can also get bonus points if your school participates in recess, health and nutrition activities.

Don't forget to check out the Peaceful Playgrounds Grants web pag…