Nearly everyday we get a call asking us to explain what comes with the Peaceful Playgrounds School Recess Program?This is an opportunity to find out.Download the brochure or visit our webpage with all the components listed to enhance your school playground experience for students.
Additional questions?  Call us at 951-245-6970Peaceful Playgrounds Recess ProgramPeaceful Playgrounds Recess Program Design permanent playground activities that help …
Four Square Playground Layout Video

 This video shows how to layout a Four Square Court using the Peaceful Playgrounds Stencil.  We also included tips on how much color to use and the right kind of outdoor paint so that it can with stand weather conditions.

You can find the stencil  on the Playground Stencils page. 
Four Square Stencils The four square stencil comes with 17 large pieces of paper with holes to chalk the outline of a square and m…
How to paint the Peaceful Playgrounds Hopscotch Stencil. Watch Video.

Hopscotch The hopscotch stencil is one piece of large paper for the court.  Dots outline the court and then you connect the  dots,  and paint inside the squares.  Need more than one hopscotch court?  No problem move the paper to the next spot for the court and repeat.  Hopscotch is a child favorite grades 1-3.
The Four square stencil is one of our new playground stencils that will be sold individually.  Per your request we are now selling individual stencils.  We have 5 stencils to choose from:  Four Square Stencil, Hopscotch stencil, Basketball Key stencil, US Map Stencil and World Map Stencil.  We will expand our line of individual stencils.  These stencils are not proprietary and therefore these 5 stencils do not require a Site License.Four Squar…
In the June issue of Taste For Life they point out that offering kids simple, inexpensive items to play with like buckets and bowls offer time for creativity and increased physical activity.  Australia researchers, B.P. Hyndman et al., in the BMC Public Health publication found that the simple portable items appears to make kids not only more creative, but also more active as compared to traditional playground equipment like swings, slides and …
PASS (Physical Activity School Score) PASS is a free, user-friendly, web-based, 8-item tool that assesses and increases awareness of evidence-based physical activity practices at elementary schools.

DOWNLOAD  "PASS Background and Technical Manual" PDF (0.16 MB) Tools and Measure
It's finally here.  The best day of the year.  The first day of summer........

E N J O Y!!!!

Lanier Elementary School in Louisiana needed a playground make over.  See the before and after pictures to see what a difference a little paint can make.

Need funds to repave your asphalt.  No problem.  Check out our school playground  grants page. Or.... better yet, here's an economical solution to paving (add green paint).  Talk about a face lift.   A coat of green paint prior to painting the game markings makes  all the difference.

Find …
Small Playground Space?  No Problem

One of the regular questions we receive is :  I only have a small amount of blacktop can I put in Peaceful Playgrounds?

We emphasize that the smaller the play space you have the more important it is to develop the space so that children have a variety of game options. 

I designed a playground in San Francisco, CA a few years back.  The school district brought me in to assist them with the playground design be…
10 Rainy Day Activities for Indoor Recess and PE.   Just added for download in Spanish and French.
Peaceful Playgrounds cares about student safety.  If fact, our Founder Dr. Melinda Bossenmeyer spends a great deal of time in that arena.

She serves as an expert witness in lawsuits involving student injuries at recess and  physical education.  She is also an expert witness in the area of school supervision.

Did you know that Peaceful Playgrounds offers a Playground Supervision Online Training Course and Certification?  In addition to providing p…
One of our most popular feature articles was on Low Cost High Activity Playgrounds.

Low Cost Playgrounds Can Result in High Activity Levels article is here.

How to create a low cost high activity playground video can be found here.

Finally, view the 45 minute webinar on Low Cost High Activity Playground Training.

Peaceful Playgrounds Recess Program. Download Brochure.

We've pulled together a list of resources for the US Map Stencil and the World Map Stencil on our website. We will continue to add to this list of resourses.

Please submit your ideas and resources as well to

Don't forget to check out our Pinterest page of U.S. Map Stencil ideas.

Here's some painting suggestions for the US Map Stencil and Worl…
The Value of Unstructured Play Time for Kids - Pacific Standard: The Science of Society

This article talks about the value of unstructured play.

To clarify, we at Peaceful Playgrounds believe that play time should be unstructured.  We believe that "enriching" the play environment and then allowing children to play without adult facilitation or intervention.…
Today's newsletter is devoted to the US Map Stencil Resources.

Don't forget to check out our Pinterest page devoted the US Map Stencil Activities.

Order U.S. Map Stencil.

Order World Map Stencil.

More information on painting the playground.
Aetna Healthy Eating Active Living Grants

Organization: Aetna  Foundation: Regional Grants

Purpose:  The Aetna Foundation Regional Grants Program – GoLocal: Cultivating Healthy Communities – funds community wellness initiatives aligned with our Healthy Eating and Active Living focus area in our designated funding locations. Grants will support local initiatives that promote eating fresh fruits and vegetables and being physically active, whic…
Organization: Do Something.Org


Purpose: This is the perfect summer project for the student activists in your classroom. Do Something is offering seed grants for community action projects that focus on a variety of issues, from the environment and education to bullying and mental health. The grants can be used to get project ideas off the ground or help expand existing programs.

Grants to Increase Access to Healthy Foods from the No Kid Hungry Foundation: Deadline: Rolling Providing students access to healthy and nutritious meals is the focus of No Kid Hungry Foundation grants.

Currently, the foundation supports projects that increase access to summer meal programs, school breakfast and after-school snacks and meals. Plus, advocacy efforts, including anti-hunger issues and needs and educating families about SNAP…
In addition to the U.S. Map Stencil we also sell the World Map Stencil. The world map can be used to teach continents and countries of the world. Each of the 5 continents can be outlined along with the major countries and larger bodies of water. Students can learn about history and geography with this map. The map kit forms a world map that is 26' by 36'.…