Strategies for reducing playground injuries
This one-minute -playground tip video is about the benefits of a Freeze Bell when recess ends.
Our research indicates that 43% of student injuries (on the playground) occurred when students were going to and coming from the playground.So the solution we put Into place was to institute a freeze bell where when the recess bell rang.
We instituted another procedure that when the playground supervisors blew the whistle then students were to walk an…
A school’s best defense in court is a well-trained supervisor. Annual training for Playground Supervisors should occur in order to ensure student safety.   Our Playground Supervisor Training and Certification Course is convenient and cost effective.  We offer this course online.  

The Peaceful Playgrounds Online Playground Supervisor Training and Certification are designed to introduce administrators, teachers, substitute teachers, physical educa…
Download this free article on 5 Strategies for Reducing Playground Injuries.  As the opening of the school year approaches it is extremely important to consider student safety.  One of the most powerful ways to ensure student safety is to provide training to all your playground supervisors.

Another option is to use the Playground Supervision Guide below.

Finally, Peaceful Playgrounds "Playground Supervision Course" is available.  Our O…
Public Playground Safety Handbook from CPSC.

A must have document for schools and day care centers is the Public Playgrounds Safety Handbook.

CPSC’s public playground guidelines are detailed here and are intended to help parks, schools, installers and others choose the safest equipment.

Check out our other resources on our Playground Resources Page.

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School playgrounds can be safe.
Playground Supervision Serious accidents which occur in schools typically happen on the playground and often  playground supervision is a contributing factor.  In fact, approximately 200,000 accidents each year send children to the emergency room for treatment of an injury which occurred on the school playground. The following tips  are designed to increase the quality of the playground supervision in your school  insuring that children ar…
Peaceful Playgrounds cares about student safety.  If fact, our Founder Dr. Melinda Bossenmeyer spends a great deal of time in that arena.

She serves as an expert witness in lawsuits involving student injuries at recess and  physical education.  She is also an expert witness in the area of school supervision.

Did you know that Peaceful Playgrounds offers a Playground Supervision Online Training Course and Certification?  In addition to providing p…
I received this letter last week and felt it has a lot of good information that many educators are asking about.

I am writing to ask about an opinion expressed in an article on the website.  The article,  Playground Liability: Accident or Injury states On average, 17 children die each year playing on playgrounds.

It contains some good advice about supervision, but I would like to know what information, presented in the article, was used t…
A lawsuit against a public school district was filed in 2011 by a 7 year old student's mother.  Megan L. Chang-Ngaruiya, the attorney on the case, stated “This case was pursued by our clients to bring attention to the need for increased supervision of students." It is reported by website that McGee Elementary has settled for $150,000.

The lawsuit stated that playground supervision was inadequate for the following reasons:
Playground injury suit claims the school failed: 1) to intervene in improper use of playground equipment, 2) inadequate supervision, and 3)  lack of procedures in place to ensure safety. A 14 year old boy and his father are suing a Catholic School charging negligence related to the incident in which a 6th grade student fell from a play structure platform.  Link to entire article:…
Contributed by JC BoushhA new research report issued by the Health and Safety Executive and Play England indicates that it is perfectly normal for children to get slight injuries while playing on playgrounds. The report states that part of play is grazed and skinned knees. We want playgrounds to be safe, but there has to be an element of risk and challenge associated with it otherwise the playground is boring and uncreative. Many parents today a…
There's something that's supposed to keep children from fighting on the playground, reduce playground injuries, and a lot more.

What is this miracle?

Marana's Twin Peaks Elementary School is trying it, a program called Peaceful Playgrounds according to the news coverage from KOLD Channel 9 Tucson, Az.

What began with some paint, ropes, hoops and balls ended with students problem solving, gaining new skills and learning a thing or two…
It's hard to believe but true. A high school student from New Jersey is suing her high school claiming that she was hurt on campus during a 2006 game of freeze tag. The student claims she was pushed into a commercial lawn mower while playing tag during a cheerleading practice in the schools courtyard according to a suit filed in Flemington Superior Court.

The suit suggests that she received "severe bodily injuries". She is also s…