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Public Playground Safety Handbook from CPSC.

A must have document for schools and day care centers is the Public Playgrounds Safety Handbook.

CPSC’s public playground guidelines are detailed here and are intended to help parks, schools, installers and others choose the safest equipment.

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School playgrounds can be safe.
Teaching children the difference between tattling and telling is often an overlooked playground skill that children should be taught.  Taking a couple of minutes to distinguish the difference will have a positive impact on the playground.

Explain to children:

TATTLING-  When you are trying to get someone "in" trouble.

TELLING -  When you are trying to get someone "out" of trouble.

Even the youngest children understand this i…
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Activity Guides for a Consistent Set of Rules

The Activity Guides provide a consistent set of rules for each game and give a program overview as well as playground report forms and equipment li…
If you are looking for playground rules or general information on playground safety you may be interested in the Playground Rules and Safety Powerpoints for review and download.

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