I remember well the dreaded “rainy days” at school. My staff often got as frustrated as the students with indoor activities or a general lack of activities when days of rain held students and staff captive indoors for extended periods of time.
In California, gyms or indoor areas for movement are few and far between and indoor hallways a rarity adding to the pent-up feeling of a world closing in.

Today although a nuisance, there are many …
Just in time for Super Bowl Sunday, the National Football League and American Heart Association are teaming up to release a new smartphone app that encourages young people to get 60 minutes of physical activity each day


More on children and physical activity........

Why Recess Makes Kids Smarter
Physical Activity and the Brain
Physical Activity in Schools Peaceful Playgrounds Program
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We Count Walking Program Meets Federal Criteria as a Promising Practice in After school Programming. Peaceful Playgrounds was a highlighted program in the curriculum category for the Promising Practices in After School Programming List Serve.

Peaceful Playgrounds is a physical activity program that has shown to decrease playground injuries, decrease bullying, and increase children’s physical activity levels.
We Count Pedometer Wellness Progr…
I watched a less popular girl, Allison, walk up to a group of four girls who were playing a game of four-square. As she approached and asked, “Can I play?” she was quickly rebuffed. “The game is closed,” Janey, the ring leader, announced.
Given the school is a Peaceful Playgrounds’ school, I was surprised at the response because of the “You can’t say, ‘You can’t play’” mantra. Allison, whose disappointment was obvious, turned to play anot…
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Cold Day Play Download

According to the author, Vickie Everett, "these worksheets can be used to write about whether a student would rather play inside or outside on a cold winter day. They do not mention snow so they can be good for use in areas where there are cold days but not snow days."  Grs K & 1.
Peaceful Playgrounds
Feature Article When Is It Too Cold For Recess? 

2-Go Games
Indoor Recess Activities

Peaceful Playgrounds Play Nice News and Grants Just released. Includes 250 teacher created Brain Breaks and Playground Grants.

Here's some more Teacher pay Teachers  Free Downloads.  If you missed yesterday's post check it out too. 

Yay, Snow Day!  open ended board game by Dean Trout's Little Shop of SLP
A very fun and versatile/open ended board game for 2-6 players. Use it to maintain high interest in your sessions.
Snow Day Writing FREEBIE by Tiffany Teaches 2 pages of themed paper to help your kiddos write about their snow days.  PreK-6th grs.
Snow Day …
If you are not a current member of Teachers pay Teachers it's a great site for teachers.
It is free to join and there are free downloads for a variety of topics and subject areas.

Here's a few Snow Day Activities

Snow Day! Activity Pages Mini-Freebie by Positively Learning This freebie includes 2 math and 2 literacy activity pages featuring winter graphics.  Grs K-2  Snow Day Writing. by Natasha Boysal A writing activity geared towards sno…
New Bullying Prevention Training Center Online! 

Great new resources. 

Additional Bullying Resources:

Bullying Compliance Course

Peaceful Playgrounds has Children on the Move Reducing Bullying http://www.peacefulplaygrounds.com/reducing-bullying/

Peaceful Playground Encourages Positive Behavior
Deadline approaching for the President's Youth Fitness Program
#Grant. #PE#Fitness


Lots of other grants too.  http://www.peacefulplaygrounds.com/playground-and-garden-grants/
From Artie Kamiya  

Good News for PEP Grants! PEP Receives $74.5 million in FY2014 Budget Bill! Congress completed work on a bill to fund the government for remainder of FY2014 yesterday and the Carol White Physical Education Program (PEP) received $74.5 million. “PEP continues to defy the odds in a time of tight budgets and receive level funding.” Commented Bill Sells, VP Government Relations for SFIA “We’ve come a long way over the past decade…
Action for Healthy Kids Universal Breakfast Webinar: http://www.actionforhealthykids.org/webinar-registration-universal-breakfast-making-it-work-for-your-school
Congratulations to Phillip LaFrance Highland Troop 1040 for the excellent Eagle Scout Project featuring the U.S. Map Stencil. Highland, IL. Great Job!   http://www.peacefulplaygrounds.com/product/catalog/u-s-playgroundmap-stencil/
Brain Breaks Daily will be available starting Monday, Jan 16, 2014.  A free daily download of Movement  integrated with Language Arts and Math Activities.
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