Download this free article on 5 Strategies for Reducing Playground Injuries.  As the opening of the school year approaches it is extremely important to consider student safety.  One of the most powerful ways to ensure student safety is to provide training to all your playground supervisors.

Another option is to use the Playground Supervision Guide below.

Finally, Peaceful Playgrounds "Playground Supervision Course" is available.  Our O…
One Minute Tip Age Appropriate Playground Games
This video Is about the topic of age appropriate playgroundgames.
It is very important that children have age appropriate games for the playground.If the games are age appropriate then you can expect : that children will have the best chance at successful participation.That children will be challenged but not frustrated.That students will enjoy the game and engage in games with other…
Link to Landscape Structures New Playground Grants Resource Guide.

Great Resource!
Grant Opportunities Spring 2015 Tool Box for Education Grants Lowes (Deadline: 02-13-2015)Smart from the Start Grant Program Healthier World Innovation Challenge Aetna Foundation (2-15-2015)
Dr. Scholl Foundation Annual Grant by Dr. Scholl Foundation (Deadline: 03-01-2015) Grants for Health Related Programs in California (California)  March 2, 2015
Healthy Playground Makeover (Deadline: 3-25-2015)NFL Grassroots Program by Local Initiatives Support…
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How to improve recess.
A big part of rest…
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Physical Education Physical education guidelines for healthier, happier, longer and more productive living

International Guidance: UNESCO Quality Physical Education Guidelin…
Video of the Dallas Cowboys putting in a Fitness Zone at the Boys and Girls Club of Frisco, Texas.  The fitness zone is a NFLFuel Up Play 60 event which included the installation of Peaceful Playgrounds. More than 300 boys and girls in the local area will benefit. The event was sponsored by United Health Care and included support and organization by the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders.

The NFL Play 60 event is the  eighth Fitness zone built  in…
A "hot topic" any school year is the issue of Dodgeball.  Teachers and administrators will consider should we or shouldn't we allow dodgeball?  The National Association of Sport and Physical Education  put out a position statement on dodgeball a few years ago.  You can download it and  many other playground resources at Peaceful Playgrounds Resources. NASPE Position Statement on Dodgeball According to NASPE dodgeball is not an appr…
I received this letter last week and felt it has a lot of good information that many educators are asking about.

I am writing to ask about an opinion expressed in an article on the website.  The article,  Playground Liability: Accident or Injury states On average, 17 children die each year playing on playgrounds.

It contains some good advice about supervision, but I would like to know what information, presented in the article, was used t…
Here's a great You Tube video on the topic of playground surfacing from the National Program for Playground Safety.
#PLAYGROUNDS FOR EVERYONE  maps 1300+ accessible playgrounds

 While it’s the most comprehensive resource available, the “Playgrounds for Everyone” app is still far from complete. NPR needs the public to identify more playgrounds, and share photos, info and tips for the ones already in the app. Get involved now at:
We were asked to pass on this information for Shane's Inspiration. They are a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the lives of children with disabilities through building accessible playgrounds. They are conducting a contest which results in supporting 6 communitites in building accessible play spaces.

A Public Health Law & Policy Webinar

In many communities, the safest and most convenient places for children to play are school facilities like gyms, sports fields, and playgrounds – but districts often close their property to the public after hours, concerned about liability, security, and maintenance. We'll take you through the nuts and bolts of how to create contracts that expand access to school grounds with schools, local government,…

President Obama has established a goal that, by 2020, the United States will once again have the highest proportion of college graduates in the world. Meeting this goal is vital to our long-term economic security and to preparing young people and adults to be active citizens. In order to track progress towards this goal he has instituted a Data Dashboard.

The dashboard is part of…
Teachers and 4-H members at W. W. Stewart Elementary School recently painted a United States map on the back patio of the school playground. A stencil was obtained through the Peaceful PlaygroundsUS Map Stencil Giveaway by Physical Education Teacher, Venessa Livingston.
What a fun playground these school and community members painted!

Peaceful Playgrounds components explained here.
Keeping the peace is the outcome of the new program, called Peaceful Playgrounds, implemented at Riverside Elementary School from Jeffersonville, Nv. It appears to be working. School officials are finding that some stenciled paint on the ground coupled with balls, bean bags and other accessories are helping students keep the peace on the playground.

Read more on: Play nice: New games help students keep the peace during recess

I wanted to forward you some pictures of our new Peaceful Playgrounds - the activities really will make the playground an exciting place for our students, starting this morning! I also need to tell you that Cary did an outstanding job at our Peaceful Playgrounds inservice yesterday. I loved the energy and enthusiasm she displayed, and the way she involved everyone in a discussion of the program and in the activities themselves. Our staff and stu…
We wish a warm welcome to JC Boushh a new Peaceful Playgrounds Blogger and social media consultant.

JC Boushh is a contributing writer for Peaceful Playgrounds on such topics as children’s play, recess, playgrounds, and child development. He is a play consultant and head playground designer for Design for Play, and has lectured worldwide, as well as authored numerous articles on play, brain development, and children’s play environments.

He is a…
Rebecca Mead of the New Yorker explores the history and future of parks. She asks, "What would it look like if you decided to revamp the playgrounds from bottom up?"

Listen to her podcast.