Fitness and nutrition a hot topic for Lawerance Public Schools

Wellness is a hot topic among parents and students in Lawrence public schools and school leaders say that means their controversial policy to help improve nutrition and fitness is a hit. Watch video of school board discussion.

District staff on Monday reported to the school board their progress on wellness goals set about a year ago.

More than 75 percent of nutrition and nutrition education goals have been met, staff reported. Whole-grain foods are offered daily. Vending machines include healthier options. A la carte lunch items have less fat and calories than before. And more students are dropping their habit of eating a la carte snacks and buying meals instead.

But it’s still a challenge to curb the practices of selling unhealthy foods for fundraising and using treats for classroom rewards, said Paula Murrish, the district’s food services director.

“Trying to be creative and to break a habit is difficult,” Murrish said.