Motivational Mondays :  Adversity

Adversity cause some men to break; other to break records.  William Ward

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Motivitational Mondays : Get up

It's not whether you get knocked down, it's whether you get up.

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"Education is not the filling of a pail,
but the lighting of a fire.    
William Yeats

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Tribune Opinion: We don’t care what it’s called, but we favor the return of recess |

Parents tell school. We want recess.
Is physical education in a "sorry" state as suggested in the infographic above?  I'll let you decide.

So what do you think?
Motivational Mondays :  Never quit!

Win if you can, lose if you must, but never quit.  Cameron Trammell

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Motivitational Mondays :  Motivitation for the Next Generation

Somewhere behind the athlete you've become, you play for that next soccer player.  Mia Hamm 

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Jayne Greenberg, District Director of Physical Education and Health Literacy for Miami-Dade County Public Schools, has partnered to develop a district innovative technology-based indoor fitness trail.

A number of agencies partnered to make this resource available.  Jane is also a leader in the Prevent organization.   JAMmin created the videos and the Center for Disease Control (CDC) provided some of the funding through a Community …
"Bullying is bad, it makes others feel sad."  Free Friday Poster

Check out Peaceful Playgrounds Posters sets on the topics of Physical Education, Anti-Bullying, and Sports.
Playground, parking lot or both???

I love it when I get questions like the one  below:

Good morning! I work at a local children\'s hospital which does a lot of work with the above school. We are trying to increase their wellness and physical activity options throughout the school day and was interested in Peaceful Playgrounds. The school currently just has an asphalt parking lot that they use for recess. 

They have some balls and equipment bu…
US Soccer Foundation Safe Places to Play Grants fund (Synthetic Turf, Lighting, Irrigation, Sport Court).
The U.S. Soccer Foundation awards grants on both an annual basis (Program Grants) and a continually rolling process (Safe Places to Play Grants) to support soccer programs and field-building initiatives nationwide. Grants are provided to support all aspects of the beautiful game – from assisting programs with operational costs to creati…
Healthy eating & physical activity funding for kids
Office Depot Foundation  Deadline: Rolling
The Office Depot Foundation’s Grants for Children and Communities prefers to fund projects and programs in the areas of giving children tools for success and serving communities.

Grants of $50 to $3,000 will be awarded.
Motivitational Mondays :  Excellence

Excellence is the gradual result of always striving to do better.  Pat Riley

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"It isn't big, to make other people feel small."  Free Friday Poster

Check out Peaceful Playgrounds Posters sets on the topics of Physical Education, Anti-Bullying, and Sports.

Are You an Enterprising PE Teacher? SHAPE America is seeking enterprising educators who are interested in teaching their ideas, subjects, or strategies to other professionals during a 1 hour webinar.

• These webinars will be a part of our professional development opportunities offered on Tuesdays in 2015.

• According yo SHAPE the challenge to you is to create and submit a proposal for a 1 hour webinar presentation.

• The proposal must share a…
Motivitational Mondays:
I've learned that something constructive comes from every defeat.-Tom Landry

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At the end of all courses you take a quiz and then have an opportunity to print out your completion certificate.
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Flyer for the National PE Institure 2015.  
Download the flyer for the National PE Institute 2015 Flyer.
"All students can learn."  Free Friday Poster

Check out Peaceful Playgrounds Posters sets on the topics of Physical Education, Anti-Bullying, and Sports.

Naperville, IL first period programming  leads to increased academic performance through physical activity  in physical education classes.

This short video speaks to the physical education course  activities, as well as, Brain Breaks within the math and language classes.

View a short news reports on the program.
 Additional information about the program.

What some brain break ideas?
Theme Brain Breaks :  Peaceful Playgrounds Activity CardsPeac…
What does run "like a girl" mean to you?

Great Video
by Eric Schwartzberg

DAYTON, OHIO – A local elementary school is working to smooth over the rough-and-tumble aspects of recess with the Peaceful Playgrounds Program. Wyandot Early Childhood School recently implemented Peaceful Playgrounds, a research-based program that aims to teach students social skills and show staff how to organize the playground to reduce bullying, conflicts and injuries.
Developed by longtime teacher and principal …
The paper fortune teller game is still a favorite for children. Both my granddaughters were playing with  with a fortune teller game last week.  The idea was such a good one that I decided to create some games with a exercise theme in mind.  I also created a Anti-Bullying Fortune Teller Game as well.

Below is a video of how to fold the fortune teller game.

Currently we have 4 Fortune Teller Hand Games

Brain Breaks     Well designed Brain Breaks accomplish three purposes:
1) they refresh students,
2) they refocus students for learning and
3) they re-energize students.

Every teacher has experience the glazed look from students who basically need a break.  When kids get tired or bored, they tend to check out.  Once kids begin to check out– they are no longer learning!  Enter Brain Breaks.  Brain Brains Themes capture attention and motivates…
Nice Video of Forts Pond Elementary School's  Peaceful Playgrounds Program.

Bullying has become national epidemic, with enormous health implications for youth.

The good news is that teachers want to help stop bullying, but they don’t know how.  Most try to help, but few receive training on how to do so. (U.S. Dept of Education)

The Peaceful Playgrounds Bullying Prevention Training for Teachers covers the requirements of state policies or laws regarding teacher training in responding to bullying.  Surprisingly, however,…
Check out our new downloadable poster sets.  They are available immediately.  Use the Anti-Bullying Poster set for students to practice and learn anti-bullying slogans and strategies.  Use the PE Posters to assist with classroom management in the outdoor less structured environment and use the Sports Posters for team motivation or to simply spruce up the classroom or learning environment.  You can find more information on this and other virtual…