Runners hit the wall in China: Make that the Great Wall Marathon

Upon reading about the Great Wall Marathon I ask myself, "Is that really possible?" If you've been to the great wall (see insert I visited it in 2000) running on the great wall seems impossible basically because the steps are uneven, straight up and solid rock. However, it seems that last week a great many contestants did just that.

The Great Wall Marathon®

Marathon, Half Marathon, 10 km & 5 km on the Great Wall of China
17th May 2008
The Great Wall Marathon® is a tough, beautiful and definitely extraordinary experience. The 3700 steps of the Great Wall will put your physique to the test, and the breathtaking surroundings of Tianjin Province will compete with your tired muscles for attention. The Great Wall Marathon® is the ideal way to combine an unusual running event with exploring one of the world’s most astonishing sights.

Sound interesting? Visit the MSNBC site to view pictures, videos of this year's event and registration information for the 2008 Great Wall Marathon.