Play first, eat later

One of the most frequent questions that I field is: "What do you think of recess before lunch?" Below is yet another article citing the benefits.

By PENELOPE OVERTON | Courant Staff Writer
October 15, 2007

EAST HADDAM - It is early afternoon on a sunny weekday in October, and the nurses' office inside East Haddam Elementary School is nearly deserted. The three child-size cots are empty. No groaning students await comfort for aches or pains. The only sound to be heard is that of school nurses filling out paperwork.

"Welcome to the world of recess before lunch," nurse Marty Dexter said. "In the past, at this time of the day, this office would have been full of sick kids. They'd get sick from eating too fast on their rush to recess, or lose their taco after hanging upside down on the monkey bars, or get headaches from not eating at all. Kids like that are in no shape to learn."
Playing first, eating later.....