Peaceful Playgrounds leads to 42% reduction in misbehaviors

Jefferson Elementary School has seen a 42 percent decrease in student misbehaviors since they started using the Peaceful Playground Program last year.

The program is designed to reduce conflicts during recess time.

"We're very happy with the reduction in misbehaviors," principal Barb Linke said. "It's also carried over into the classroom. That's what we wanted."

Students often say, "you can't say I can't play," or use a game of rock, paper, scissors to solve a conflict on and off the playground, Linke said.

The entire program went into effect in December. The Peaceful Playground Program, which the school's PTO sponsored, was assisted with a grant. Also Home Depot allowed the school to purchase equipment at reduced rates.

Through the program the school was able to get colorful markings, new games and new equipment.

On Tuesday and Wednesday at the school, each class spent an hour-and-a-half learning how to play.

"We were playing but we learned about sharing and being nice to everybody," first grader Dulce Valadez said.

All the teaching staff assisted in helping the children learn or remember the rules, while learning new games and finding how to have fun while allowing others to have fun.