Recess: School Health Policies and Programs Study

Each day this week I will review relevant information on the topics of recess, physical education, nutrition, and class size in PE as covered in the School Health Policies and Program Study research report released Friday, Oct. 19, 2007.

The School Health Policies and Programs Study (SHPPS) 2006 is the largest, most comprehensive assessment of school health programs in the United States ever conducted. SHPPS also was conducted in 2000 and 1994 and is planned again for 2012.

Tuesday's Topic-Recess
Wednesday's Topic- Nutrition in Schools
Thursday's Topic- Class Size PE
Friday's Topic-Physical Education

For 2006 only 7 states have legislation on recess as a daily requirement in elementary school according to the SHPPS Study released last Friday.

California Requires
Connecticut Requires
Delaware Requires
North Carolina Requires
Tennessee Requires
Virginia Requires
Wisconsin Requires

Thirteen states make recommendations for elementary school recess. They are listed below:
Arkansas Recommends
DC Recommends
Hawaii Recommends
Idaho Recommends
Kansas Recommends
Kentucky Recommends
Louisiana Recommends
Michigan Recommends
Mississippi Recommends
Nevada Recommends
New Mexico Recommends
North Dakota Recommends
Utah Recommends