Kaiser Launches New Tool to Fight Childhood Obesity

Kaiser Permanente today announced the launch of "The Incredible Adventures of the Amazing Food Detective" (AFD), a first of its kind, free, online video game in English and Spanish that teaches children to eat healthier foods, get more active and manage how they spend their time in front of the computer and television.

Based on a popular character from Kaiser Permanente's Educational Theatre Program, the Amazing Food Detective takes children through activities that show how to choose healthy foods and get more active. Children playing the game follow the routines of eight culturally diverse children whose activities or conditions would benefit from healthy food and exercise choices. The game, aimed at children 9 - 10 and available to everyone at http://www.kp.org/amazingfooddetective, complements Kaiser Permanente's nationally recognized childhood obesity clinical strategy.

Check it out: http://members.kaiserpermanente.org/redirects/landingpages/afd/