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Playgrounds serve to be a microcosm of the world where our kids learn important lessons. They are filled with students who are human.  Perfection may not be possible but the aspiration to create a peaceful playground is paramount.  We want our future generation to accept that everyone is invited to the party and we all [...]
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APPLETON - Recess used to be just sliding and swinging at Johnston Elementary School in Appleton. Now a program to get more kids involved has them adding hopscotch, four-square, and jump rope to the mix.

Parents at the school wanted to find a way to make better use of the playground, so they turned to Peaceful Playgrounds and received grants from the Appleton Education Foundation and the Johnston PTA to pay the $4,000 for the stencils, rules book…
Learning to play "differently" was the goal of the new playground in Tucson last week. Manana Elementary School installed a new Peaceful Playground complete with 13 new game markings designed to reduce injuries, get students physically active and reduce bullying.

Colorful lines, letters, numbers and shapes blanket the courts — all used in a variety of games, including bowling, dodge ball and a multi-use circle.

Research shows that the …
There's something that's supposed to keep children from fighting on the playground, reduce playground injuries, and a lot more.

What is this miracle?

Marana's Twin Peaks Elementary School is trying it, a program called Peaceful Playgrounds according to the news coverage from KOLD Channel 9 Tucson, Az.

What began with some paint, ropes, hoops and balls ended with students problem solving, gaining new skills and learning a thing or two…
Do You Want To Be A Rock Star?

This weekend, Toronto will be a rockin' city, as the 2007 World Rock Paper Scissors Championships cut into town.

The game of Rock Paper Scissors has been settling scores on playgrounds since long before little brothers came into existence. In fact, some say it originates back to the year 200 BC in Japan, where it was referred to as "Jan-Ken." Others say it started as an early Scandinavian pastime, while…
Jefferson Elementary School has seen a 42 percent decrease in student misbehaviors since they started using the Peaceful Playground Program last year.

The program is designed to reduce conflicts during recess time.

"We're very happy with the reduction in misbehaviors," principal Barb Linke said. "It's also carried over into the classroom. That's what we wanted."

Students often say, "you can't say I can't…
By Alexa Jenner, Downers Grove Reporter Thu Sep 06, 2007, 03:00 PM CDT Downers Grove, IL -
Photo by Ron Koopmann With their new “Peaceful Playground,” students at Whittier School have learned how to resolve thier own conflicts. Nisha Albert (left) and Haley Reid, both of Downers Grove, use the strategy of “Rock, Paper, Scissors” to settle a conflict Wednesday.
In an effort to curtail problems at recess, Whittier …
The playground fight began as many do, with a disagreement over whether a ball was in or out.The scuffle escalated into name-calling and pushing between two fourth-graders at Madison's Emerson Elementary School.A couple of years ago, the students likely would have been suspended. But under a new approach to discipline being tried in the district, the students instead were given the option of coming up with a fix-it plan -- something more tha…
CARLSBAD, NM — Recess at Sunset Elementary just became a little more fun, and a lot more educational. Students and teachers held a groundbreaking for the school's new Peaceful Playground Program Tuesday morning. The school's parent council funded the program, which cost almost $10,000, Principal Rita London said. The Sunset playground now has a blacktop area featuring colorful markings, new games and equipment. The project isn't comp…