One Minute Playground Tip-Solving Problems
This One-Minute Playground Tip is about Solving Problems on the playground.
We recommend 3 solutions and teach students they have three options when a conflict occurs. Walk away from the problemTalk through the problemUs. Rock, Paper, Scissors.
Walk away means to walk away from the game they are playing and go to a new game on another marking.Kids have lots of choices on a Peaceful Playgr…
One Minute Tip Playground Games

This video Is about the topic of age-appropriate playground games.

It is very important that children have age appropriate games for the playground.  If the games are age appropriate then you can expect:
1. Children will have the best chance at successful participation.
2. Children will be challenged but not frustrated.
3. Students will enjoy the game and engage in games with other students.

Age Appropriate games …
One Minute Playground Tip
Adding a Walking and Jogging Track with Playground Stencils

1.This video is about the benefits of adding a walking/jogging track to the outside of your playground.
2.One of the least expensive ways of encouraging physical activity in schools is to add a walking and jogging track.  You can do this with a little paint and a few stencils representing one of the least expensive physical activity interventions.
3.Peaceful P…
 June Play Nice Newsletter
For a limited time, Peaceful Playgrounds is offering a set of 10 full size roll-out stencils for $999.

Stencils include:
10 markings for teaching physical education or recess.  Game Markings include: Ladder, Vari-Beam, Block Walk, Midline and Crossover Walking Grids, Beam, Hopscotch, Beanbag Toss, Alphabet and Number Grids.

Playground, parking lot or both???

I love it when I get questions like the one  below:

Good morning! I work at a local children\'s hospital which does a lot of work with the above school. We are trying to increase their wellness and physical activity options throughout the school day and was interested in Peaceful Playgrounds. The school currently just has an asphalt parking lot that they use for recess. 

They have some balls and equipment bu…
Savin Rock Community School in  New Haven, Conn.  added a U.S. Map to their playground using the Peaceful Playgrounds Map Stencil.  Their unique color selection of bright colors contributed to the striking outcome.

Peaceful Playgrounds U.S. Map Stencil

Peaceful Playgrounds World Map Stencil…

We've pulled together a list of resources for the US Map Stencil and the World Map Stencil on our website. We will continue to add to this list of resourses.

Please submit your ideas and resources as well to

Don't forget to check out our Pinterest page of U.S. Map Stencil ideas.

Here's some painting suggestions for the US Map Stencil and Worl…
Today's newsletter is devoted to the US Map Stencil Resources.

Don't forget to check out our Pinterest page devoted the US Map Stencil Activities.

Order U.S. Map Stencil.

Order World Map Stencil.

More information on painting the playground.
I watched a less popular girl, Allison, walk up to a group of four girls who were playing a game of four-square. As she approached and asked, “Can I play?” she was quickly rebuffed. “The game is closed,” Janey, the ring leader, announced.
Given the school is a Peaceful Playgrounds’ school, I was surprised at the response because of the “You can’t say, ‘You can’t play’” mantra. Allison, whose disappointment was obvious, turned to play anot…
Monroe Elementary School in Oklahoma City, Ok.   The PTA painted a new Peaceful Playground for students when they return for the fall.  Nice design and beautiful colors add fun and excitement to the first day of school.
How long will the paint last on my playground?

In typically sunny areas like California, where it rarely rains approx 5-7 years.
In typically rainy & snowy areas anywhere from 3-5 years. If you are putting salt down or snow plowing/shoveling the area...It can cause some paint removal and may need to be touched-up annually.

Tips for making your paint stay:

The best way to prepare your playground for a paint day is to power wash it before your pa…
CKSD bringing peace to the playground

A Federal Physical Education for Progress (PEP) Grant provided Central Kitsap schools money to install Peaceful Playgrounds games and markings at all 12 elementary schools in the district.

CKSD hopes the changes also will help in the classroom.

“If the kids are not all wound up, then the teachers will have more time for instruction,” Martin said.

The district recently received $50,000 for equipment on the playgr…
This video is of a 9-11 Service Learning Project from the Lewis-Clark Service Corps (division of Americorps) in Idaho. The university kinesiology department in conjunction with the service learning organization painted the Peaceful Playgrounds games and markings for a local Christian school called, Corner Stone Christine School. Watch the video of the painting and children's experience with Peaceful Playgrounds.

A special thanks to Jacki Lugg who sent these great pictures of summer playground painting. Won't kids be surprised to return to school and see the fun Peaceful Playgrounds games and activities that await them?

Steps to Paint Hopscotch Court using
Peaceful Playgrounds Roll-Out Stencils

Step 1- Roll out stencil for hopscotch and chalk in the dots to form court outline template.

Step 2- Lift stencil and fill in the dots of the outline of the c…
A frequent question that we answer here at Peaceful Playgrounds is : "How much space do I need to take advantage of the Peaceful Playgrounds Program and stencils sets?" We point out that while we offer 4 different blueprints and designs with approximately 100 game choices and no one puts ALL the games and markings on the playground. We recommend that you select a few games from each blueprint so that you have developmentally appropriat…
Students returning to Pine-River Backus Elementary school this fall with have a nice surprise waiting for them. A recently painted Peaceful Playground.

PR-B's Family and Youth Services Coordinator, Denise Koring rounded up a group of volunteers last year to paint the new designs on the playground promising that the playground will promote both "peace and productive games and activities."

Click for more on Pine-River Backus's Peac…
The U.S. Playground Map Stencil is not only the most popular playground stencil but also one with educational benefits. The large map is great for social studies lessons and large group instruction. The Peaceful Playgrounds U.S. Map Stencil comes with a book of games for map related activities.

Have you entered the Peaceful Playgrounds U.S. Map Stencil Contest? Sign up today to win a free U.S. Map Stencil. Playground Map Stencil Contest.
Students assist school counselor in adding 28 activity stations and games for recess through playground markings offered by Peaceful Playgrounds.