One Minute Playground Tip-Solving Playground Problems

One Minute Playground Tip-Solving Problems

This One-Minute Playground Tip is about Solving Problems on the playground.

We recommend 3 solutions and teach students they have three options when a conflict occurs. 
  1. Walk away from the problem
  2. Talk through the problem
  3. Us. Rock, Paper, Scissors.

Walk away means to walk away from the game they are playing and go to a new game on another marking.  Kids have lots of choices on a Peaceful Playground as we recommend schoolspaint multiple game courts of the same marking. For example,  we suggest you paint 3 hopscotch courts and three target markings etc.  Our playground and recess stencils make painting a breeze.

By the way, we learned that the more game choices kids have, the fewer problems administrators have.

The second problem solving method is to talk over the problem or conflict.  We believe that children can handle most problems.  We learned that most arguments are over game rules so we offer Activity Guides which you can think of as Rule Books to help eliminate this problem.

The third solution is Rock, Paper, Scissors.  This is the most popular option and our research shows it is used about 56% of the time.  If you don’t know how to play rock paper scissors you can view our video on You Tube on the Peaceful Playgrounds Channel.

Thank you for attending this one-minute playground tip session.  We hope you join us again and check out our You Tube Channel for other playground tips.