Designing a Peaceful Playground

A frequent question that we answer here at Peaceful Playgrounds is : "How much space do I need to take advantage of the Peaceful Playgrounds Program and stencils sets?" We point out that while we offer 4 different blueprints and designs with approximately 100 game choices and no one puts ALL the games and markings on the playground. We recommend that you select a few games from each blueprint so that you have developmentally appropriate games for the various grades K-6.

We have observed that most schools paint approximately 10-15 different games and activity markings. We have a listing of these most popular game markings on our website.

In terms of space we recommend that a minimum of 2 basketball size courts of asphalt surfacing is needed which would allow for approximately 6-10 games depending on the game markings selected. This is a good rule of thumb for either of our game stencil sets: Recess Stencil Set or the Physical Education Roll Out Stencil Sets.

For more information download a Peaceful Playgrounds Products Brochure.