How to turn a parking lot into a playground.

 Playground, parking lot or both???

I love it when I get questions like the one  below:

Good morning! I work at a local children\'s hospital which does a lot of work with the above school. We are trying to increase their wellness and physical activity options throughout the school day and was interested in Peaceful Playgrounds. The school currently just has an asphalt parking lot that they use for recess. 

They have some balls and equipment but not a lot. I think your playground design would be excellent for them. The Principal had a question, though, about how the playground markings would affect the existing parking markings that are already there for parents and staff to park.

 Thanks for your help."
Sue   Indianapolis

Below is my response to her question.

Hi Sue:

In response to your email I’m sending a picture of a catholic school that is located near our offices in Southern California.  This school was in the same situation as you are (they only have a parking lot for a blacktop playground).  As you can see below the parking lot lines are still visible.  It allows both the parking on weekends and after school hours while allowing for children to use this space during school hours.

Let us know if we can answer any further questions you may have.

Melinda Bossenmeyer, Ed.D.

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