Play: It's not just for kids!

Contributed by Andrea Bossenmeyer

Studies show that play reflects more of who you are than your work. When you're engaged in activities of "personal expressiveness," ones that are self-chosen and that reflect intrinsic goals, you're operating from the "true self," says Alan Waterman of the College of New Jersey.

As a self titled seeker, I love hearing about anything that helps me discover more of the truth. The truth about who I am, what I like, what I don't, and various truths about the world. I love to know that play is a tool to finding truths.

As adults we become focused on crossing things off our to do lists, which I am completely and obsessively guilty of. We find we don't play and need to do do do. I find it difficult sometimes to play with my nieces, instead of find something to pick up or get done. Just taking free time can be an exercise in letting go. My favorite quote is by Catherine O'Keefe who recommends, "We need to reconnect with the things of our lives that ground us in who we really are and why we like our lives."

I agree.

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