New Way to Play Catching On

As reported in Child Magazine, September 2003, Peaceful
is the most implemented recess curriculum in the nation with
over 7000 schools.

See excerpts from the article below:
Last year, the Antelope Trails Elementary School, located in
Colorado Springs, adopted Peaceful Playgrounds. The program entails
painting the blacktop and fields with colorful grids and circles that can be
used for more than 100 games. The goal: to encourage kids to interact
more appropriately with one another during recess. With games like four
square and hopscotch, each with clear rules, kids are on the same
playing field so to speak, says Dr. Bossenmeyer. Perhaps the most
useful game, she says, is the old fashioned "rock, paper, scissors,”
which kids use to quash squabbles. “It’s awesome. It teachers the
student how to handle conflict resolution without resorting to
violence or mean behavior,” say Kim Peters, a graduate student who
implemented Peaceful Playgrounds at Antelope Trails last year.