Obesity trend slowing??

A recent report is suggesting that after a 20 year growth in obesity statistics it is finally leveling off. The proportion of US children and adolescents who were unusually heavy for their height rose by about 20 per cent from 1999 to 2004, but didn't change between 2003 and 2006.
The most recent statistic is that 32% are overweight obese, compared to 29% in 1999.

Let's keep this trend at a halt by keeping kids active this summer!

Suggested activities are:

1) Riding bikes
2) Swimming
3) A youth league such as baseball, basketball, dance or gymnastics

* and make sure the kids stay hydrated!

These latest figures are from Cynthia Ogden and colleagues at the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Hyattsville, Maryland, who surveyed 8000 young people (Journal of the American Medical Association, vol 299, p 2401)