10 Children's Books on Bullying Preventionby Melinda Bossenmeyer, Ed.D.

Sometimes, a good book on bullying can go a long way. It can be inspiring, intriguing, and even teach about empathy. There’s a saying. “If you want to curb bullying teach empathy.” These 12 books are sure to accomplish those purposes and a lot more too. Help children to explore bullying solutions through books.Bullying Prevention Books- https://peacefulplaygrounds.com/fe…
The set of Bullying Prevention Cards is easy to use and there is an illustration for each task card. They are a great idea for reminding students about behaviors that may be bullying and they should avoid. The digital download provides instant access to the pdf format of 16 cards representing bullying prevention strategies that students can use. In the preview above you can see that I store my cards/products in 9" x 12" white envelope…
July 6, 2015 Play Nice Newsletter

Articles include:  Winners of the U.S. Map Contest, National PE Institute, Free Beach Day Brain Breaks for Download, Bullying Compliance Course, How Teachers Should Respond to Bullying,  Playground Supervisor Book, U.S. Map Games Book, and Bullying Prevention online course.

Organization: Do Something.Org

Website: http://www.dosomething.org/grants/seed-grants

Purpose: This is the perfect summer project for the student activists in your classroom. Do Something is offering seed grants for community action projects that focus on a variety of issues, from the environment and education to bullying and mental health. The grants can be used to get project ideas off the ground or help expand existing programs.

A well designed playground decreases bullying.

Ever wonder why some schools report few incidents of bullying and kids report that they feel safe at school while other students report just the opposite?

The design of the playground makes a big difference in both physical and emotional feelings of safety.  The following suggestions will help you in considering some re-design questions.

1.  Can a supervisor see all children at all times on the playgro…
New Bullying Prevention Training Center Online! 

Great new resources. 

Additional Bullying Resources:

Bullying Compliance Course

Peaceful Playgrounds has Children on the Move Reducing Bullying http://www.peacefulplaygrounds.com/reducing-bullying/

Peaceful Playground Encourages Positive Behavior
Be a Star

Organization: The Creative Coalition And WWE

Website: https://community.wwe.com/diversity/programs/be-star-grants

Purpose: Is Your Organization Taking A Stand Against Bullying? Would Additional Funding Help Take Your Efforts To Another Level?

Funding Cycle: Annual ( 11-01-2013)

Amount: $25,000.00

Questions?  BeaSTARAlliance@wwecorp.com or Bhorvath@thecreativecoalition.org.
One of our schools put together this slide show on the Peaceful Playgrounds Approach and their results after implementing the program.

Peaceful playground approach from jarsenault3

Visit our website to learn more about Peaceful Playgrounds.

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Written by Zia Bossenmeyer, Vice President of Peaceful Playgrounds

School bullying is a topic that is getting lots of attention. According to the CDC it’s a major health problem. The CDC has designed tools for researchers, prevention specialists, and health educators. It appears their focus is to assist with measurement tools.
On the website you can download their guide called “Measuring Bullying Victimization, Perpetration, and Bystander Experien…
Want to know more?     Online Bullying Prevention Training – State Compliance Training 
Setting the Stage for Responding to Bullying
For more information on bullying go to: stopbullying.gov

Peaceful Playgrounds Information on Bullying Prevention

How teachers should respond to bullying.

Bullying Prevention: Is Empathy the Key?

Bullying & Harassment : What Schools Can Do

Bullying Prevention: Life Lessons on Good and Evil

Why Bullying Programs Succeed or Fail
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This week we will present the 5 most popular Featured Articles from the Peaceful Playgrounds website.

Today is the fifth most popular and ending on Friday with the Most popular Featured Article. Bullying & Harassment : What Schools Can Do came if fifth.

This was one of the most recently published featured articles and covered: " The Department of Education issued guidance to support educators in combating bullying in schools by clari…
On an elementary school playground, the biggest and most boisterous kids tend to rule the roost. If they cut in line to use the monkey bars, no one will stop them. If they want to change the rule to a game, they’ll probably get their way. But at La Crescent-Hokah Elementary School, La Crescent, MN, the playing field will soon be leveled.

Immediately, teachers at the school saw a change in playground atmosphere after implementing Peaceful Playgrou…
Contributed by JC BoushhA new podcast by Susan Engel, PhD., Katharine Beals, PhD and Sarah Garland titled “Are Schools Effectively Teaching Collaboration?” on BAM Radio asks the question are schools spending too much time on academics and missing the boat on socialization. As schools focus on increased academic performance and standardized test scores many schools are eliminating or reducing student’s recess time, but in reality this is have a n…
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October has been set aside for preventing bullying. The Teaching Tolerance website has a documentary accompanied by lesson plans and staff trainings. They'll send it to you free if you sign up at their website.

Featured Articles on Bullying.

Bullying Prevention. Life's lessons in good and evil.

Why bullying programs succeed or fail.
A new Bullying Survey is available for download from the National Association of Sport and Physical Education website. It was designed specifically for use in physical education settings.

The Bullying Awareness Survey is an anonymous activity that can be used as an instant activity at the beginning of a class, or a closure activity as students are finishing up a lesson, according to the NASPE website.

Featured articles on Bullying:

Bullying Prev…
Contributed by JC BoushhMany teachers and school administrators feel that recess has moved from being a time of free-play and games to a time of conflicts and woes. Is the answer to restoring order during recess the addition of recess coaches?Schools around the country are adding recess coaches and structures recess to their current recess time in order to eliminate many of the problems associated with recess.Jill Vialet of Playworks based in Oa…
HCC TV - Episode 3 from The Hero Construction Company on Vimeo.
Area district attorneys from MA find themselves inundated with calls following a South Hadley teen's suicide. The state legislature is struggling to craft anti-bullying legislation but concerned parents, school administrators and law enforcement are getting anxious about their role and responsibility in responding to bullying.

"It has been an explosion," Essex County District Attorney Jonathan Blodgett said, referring to the number…