Four Square Playground Stencil *NEW*

 The Four square stencil is one of our new playground stencils that will be sold individually.  

Per your request we are now selling individual stencils.  We have 5 stencils to choose from:  Four Square Stencil, Hopscotch stencil, Basketball Key stencil, US Map Stencil and World Map Stencil.  We will expand our line of individual stencils.  These stencils are not proprietary and therefore these 5 stencils do not require a Site License.

Four Square Stencils

The four square stencil comes with 4 large pieces of paper with holes to chalk the outline of a square and move paper to repeat the chalking 4 times.  It’s easy, quick and no need to measure.  A real favorite of students grades 3-6. 


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Visit the Peaceful Playgrounds  Stencil Page for information on available individual playground stencils.