How to paint the Peaceful Playgrounds Hopscotch Stencil. Watch Video.

Hopscotch The hopscotch stencil is one piece of large paper for the court.  Dots outline the court and then you connect the  dots,  and paint inside the squares.  Need more than one hopscotch court?  No problem move the paper to the next spot for the court and repeat.  Hopscotch is a child favorite grades 1-3.
The Four square stencil is one of our new playground stencils that will be sold individually.  Per your request we are now selling individual stencils.  We have 5 stencils to choose from:  Four Square Stencil, Hopscotch stencil, Basketball Key stencil, US Map Stencil and World Map Stencil.  We will expand our line of individual stencils.  These stencils are not proprietary and therefore these 5 stencils do not require a Site License.Four Squar…