Simple Toys Get Kids Active and Spark Creativity

In the June issue of Taste For Life they point out that offering kids simple, inexpensive items to play with like buckets and bowls offer time for creativity and increased physical activity.  Australia researchers, B.P. Hyndman et al., in the BMC Public Health publication found that the simple portable items appears to make kids not only more creative, but also more active as compared to traditional playground equipment like swings, slides and monkey bars.

Some of the portable playground items provided in the study to the control groups were pipes, exercise mats, swimming noodles, and buckets.  The researchers found that  the non-traditional students took 13 more steps per minute and played more vigorously.  

SOURCE: "Lunchtime Enjoyment Activity and Play (LEAP) School Playground Intervention.... By B.P. Hyndman et al., BMC Public Health, 2014.

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