Playground Best Practices

11 Steps to a Successful Playgrounds - Monty Christiansen, CPSI

If you are building, maintaining or strive to keep all kids safe on a playground then you will find the 11 steps to a successful Playground helpful.

1. Strive to purchase equipment with high "play value"
2. Make sure your playground meets appropriate play standards
3. Have your equipment installed by a qualified installer.
4. Install and maintain sufficient safety surfacing
5. Require CPSI verification of standards compliance prior to first use
6. Establish and use an effective playground maintenance program
7. Perform annual in-dept safety and maintenance inspections
8. Perform frequent primary issues safety and maintenance inspections
9. Have a procedure for effectively taking broken equipment out of service
10. Practice good health and sanitation procedures
11. Strongly encourage competent supervision of users, based upon age and activity