JOSEPH HERZOG: Ways to get our children more active

Common sense tells us that a communitiy that cannot sustain the physical health of its citizens places their long-term existence at serious risk.

Opinion- Valley Voices- Fresno, CA

Retired Physical Education teacher and advocate Joe Herzog's opinion in his local newspaper. Go Joe. You make us proud.

Children struggle to learn in school, work place performance suffers and as we've seen in recent years, the military rejects almost as many applicants as it admits. With the prodding of The Bee [Jan. 2 editorial] the work of Fresno Metro Ministry, CCROPP and others, our time for finding solutions seems to be at hand.

The Bee made a number of suggestions that we should take to heart. Without question, parents bear the immediate responsibility for the health of their children. It's the one-two punch of proper diet and adequate exercise.

Kids need all the exercise they can get. Exercise burns calories, builds strength and promotes the development of both fine and gross motor skills.

In addition, as a wealth of research shows, it also grows more brain cells and more complex nerve networks, washes the brain in blood, oxygen and glucose (the brain's only fuel), promotes language development and acquisition, promotes emotional health and, essentially, is responsible for the overall well-being and function of the organ that makes us "human."

Ways to make our children more active......