NY Campaign to Eliminate Sodas

Contributed by Andrea Bossenmeyer. Food/Nutrition Blogger

New York State has got a "Are You Putting On the Pounds" campaign to encourage their residents to stop drinking sugary drinks like sodas. In fact they share the statistic that drinking one can of soda every day can make you gain 10 lbs in one year. They even have a subway billboards and videos that take the fat concept literally, and are honestly quite gross to watch...See it HERE.

I'm a huge advocate for no one drinking a soda, EVER. Sodas are nutrient void ("High Fructose Corn Syrup as a sweetener in place of sugar, which provides a large number of calories yet is devoid of nutrients, and is considered to be more readily metabolized to fat than other sweeteners.) and diet sodas contain substitute sugars which are processed or modified. I personally believe modified foods aren't good for the body and there's tons of research coming out showing that thought process to be true.

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