Peaceful Playgrounds Year in Review Part 2

Right to Recess Campaign Toolkit

Despite mounting evidence that kids need an outlet to blow off steam, learn to interact with others and get the exercise they need, nearly 40 percent of American elementary schools have either eliminated or are considering eliminating recess. Sept.

Peaceful Playgrounds Comprehensive Package Introduced The new Comprehensive Program Kit Package is everything you need to create and implement a Peaceful Playground at your school, church or park:

1. Peaceful Playgrounds Program Kit 2. Companion Equipment Pack 3. Recess Roll Out Stencil Set 4. Instructional Games DVD Series 5. School Set of Activity Guides 6. Striping Machine & Paint 7. Peaceful Playgrounds Site License 8. Staff Webinar: How to Have a Peaceful Playground Sept.

Fundamental Movement Comprehensive Package Introduced
. * Perceptual Motor Development Guide (10 copies) * Playground Blueprint of Fundamental Designs * 41 Stencils: Letters, Numbers, Feet and Shapes * Parent Newsletters on Motor Skills Themes * Monthly Motor Skills Award Certificates * Motor Skills Checklists * Fundamental Movement Staff Development Materials * Fundamental Movement Task Cards Set * Physical Activity Exercise Cards * Fundamental Movement Equipment Pack * Complete roll out Stencil Set * Paint Machine and Paint * Program Site License Sept

CBS KLUK-TV - Appleton, WI Video
Appleton School Solves Recess Conflicts - September 2009 With children taking more ownership over the playground and really taking ownership of problem solving and conflict resolution they feel better about themselves...

Peaceful Playgrounds in Huffington Post Even Congress gets recess so why not kids? Aug.

Fox News 25 OKC, OK Video Oklahoma schools new approach to keep kids healthy and safe while at play. Aug

Grant Writing for the Beginner and Peaceful Playgrounds Overview Webinars Added. July

Schools Teaching Organic Gardening Local schools are implementing gardens which allow for hands-on-learning in a variety of educational subjects. School gardens are a fun way to expand student interest and involvement in their own education and their own long-term health care. Featured Article June

Healthy Food, Healthy Bodies, Healthy Minds

Peaceful Playgrounds champions the efforts of individuals and organizations who actively work towards creating healthy bodies and minds. One such person we’d like to spotlight as a health advocate is Alice Waters. Featured Article May

Why Play?

Play is the spontaneous activity in which children engage to amuse and to occupy themselves. It is also a way children optimize their own brain development. Why Play? To answer that question we must first understand the importance of play. Featured Article April

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Promoting Peaceful Play
NewsDay - Melville, NY News Article
Research indicates that the prevalence of bullying in schools is increasing on a regular basis and that most bullying occurs on school playgrounds. March

Peaceful Playgrounds relocates
to Lake Elsinore from Los Angeles. Increased office and warehouse space.