PP Webinar Questions and Answers

As promised today's blog will cover the questions and answers that were submitted during the Do You Have a Peaceful Playground? You Can. Here's How Webinar on Thursday.

1. Q. How do you prepare the black top for painting.
A. Wash down and sweep the blacktop prior to painting. A list of painting suppliers and instructions are available on the Peaceful Playgrounds Support Page of the Website.

2. Q. Is the Playground Supervisor Training that you mentioned a free webinar?
A. The Playground Supervisor Training is an online course that includes a quiz and certification. To be certified as a playground supervisor you must complete the course and pass the exam.

3. Q. Does paint come with the Peaceful Playgrounds Program Kit?
A. Parking lot paint or strippers paint can be purchased from Home Depot or Lowes or any paint store. The paint is not included in the package but is available as a separate purchase at Peaceful Playgrounds. We carry a low cost paint striping machine and commercial grade striping paint.

4. Q. We have a school of 600 kids. How many playground supervisors are required to supervise the children.
A. There is not a set ratio of students to playground supervisors that I'm aware of . However, the quality of the training of the playground supervisor is of the most importance. A well trained supervisor that understands his/her responsibilities would most likely do a better job of supervising and keeping children safe than 2 supervisors that didn't know or understand how to manage children and keep them safe.

5. Q.How many games by grade level come with the Peaceful Playgrounds Program Kit?
A. Each grade span has approximately 20-25 developmentally appropriate games. Click for a listing of games by grade span. Peaceful Playgrounds Games.

6. Q. How many pieces of equipment should go out with students at recess?
A. Peaceful Playgrounds recommends that a minimum of one piece of equipment with each 10 students sent to the playground.

7. Q. What types of games specifically are available for grass?
A. Field Activities Grades 1-6 - Beat the Ball - Couples Tag - Cross Over - Crows and Cranes - Endline Soccer - Frisbee Golf - Hill Dill - Home Run - Line Soccer - Man from Mars - Modified Soccer - One Base Kickball - Rounders - Sideline Soccer - Snatch It - Softball - Throw it and Run Softball - Touch Down - Touch Football - Work-Up Softball

8. Q. Is it possible to paint the games on a gym floor?
A. It is possible but we have found that most people prefer to use colored vinyl tape to mark the games and activities on gym floor.

9. Q. Can I share the Program Kit with a neighboring school?
A. No. The Peaceful Playgrounds Program Kit is sold with a site license for use at a single school site.