PEP Grant Assistance

Peaceful Playgrounds has many resources to assist you with writing your PEP grant.

One of the best resources is our Writing a Successful PEP Grant Webinar. The next PEP webinar will be Wednesday, February 11, 2009 - 10:00 AM PST - Free registration for this date!

Another resource can be found on the Peaceful Playgrounds Grants page of the website where we have a special section entitled: Everything you need to Succeed in applying for a 2009 PEP Grant!

The webpage contains the following documents for download.
1. Physical Education for Progress Grant - PEP Grant Info
2. PEP Narrative for Peaceful Playgrounds Program -
3. Peaceful Playgrounds Program Flyer -
4. PEP Narrative for including Peaceful Playgrounds, Fundamental Movement and We Count Pedometer Program in your PEP Grant -
5. PEP Scoring Rubric for 2009 Grants -
Contact us for the latest information. 877-444-9888
6. PEP Grant Application - pepapplication2009.pdf - pepapplication2009.doc
7. PEP Frequently Asked Questions - pepfaq2009.pdf
8. PEP Budget for Peaceful Playgrounds, Fundamental Movement and We Count Pedometer Wellness Programs - pepbudget2009.pdf
9. PEP 2009 Announcement in Federal Registry - pepannounce2009.pdf

Questions? Need additional assistance. Call us at 877-444-9888.