Washington Post Series on Solutions to Childhood Obesity

The Washington Post series on the Childhood Obesity Epidemic began on Sunday, May 18 and continues through May 22. It is the position of the Washington Post that "we are all responsible for the childhood obesity epidemic: parents, government, schools, communities, companies, the health system. This five-day series searches for solutions."

Topics for the 5 day series on Childhood Obesity are listed below and can be reached at the following link.

PART 1: Sunday
* » Obesity Threatens a Generation
* » How to Choose Healthy and Keep Your Taste Buds Happy
* » Overview of Childhood Obesity
* » Facts You Should Know

PART 2: Monday
* » Inertia at The Top
* » Making Headway or Headed Nowhere?
* » High Profile Campaign Becomes Past Tense
* » What the Candidates Say
* » 21,000 Calories in Two Hours at High School
* » A Smart Snack Machine

PART 3: Tuesday
* » The District | Produce-deprived, over half the kids in some wards are heavy.
* » The Suburbs | They seem to have it all and are still overweight. Why?
* » Controversial "fat school."

PART 4: Wednesday
* » One big barrier to healthy lunches: parents.
* »The new PE: If schools can't offer more, they'll try for better.
* » Nutritionist heeds the taste buds of students.
* » School lunch makeovers

PART 5: Thursday
* » Doctors, researchers are perplexed.
* » Maneuvering restaurant food.
* » A longtime culprit makes an "epochal" shift.