Got Milk? Rewards Moms...

The got milk campaign is taking time to reward Mom's for being the nutritional gatekeepers in their homes and for keeping kids healthy! Mom's are being dubbed the 72% solution, because it has been discovered that moms influence 72% of what kids eat and drink.

This campaign is being called Project Mom. Moms can be rewarded with a $100,000 paycheck, for keeping their kids healthy. The campaign notes, one small change like serving lowfat or fat free milk instead of sugary soft drinks and fruit drinks can make a big difference in the health and weight of children and teens. Studies show that children who drink milk instead of sugar-sweetened drinks tend to be leaner and have better quality diets that are richer in essential nutrients -- particularly calcium, which is so vital for growing children.

There are a ton of resources on their website for moms. Go check it out!

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