Interview questions for hiring physical education teachers

The National Association for Sport and Physical Education has just released a new document for use by Principals: Suggested Job Interview Questions for Prospective Physical Education Teachers.

Research indicates that hiring quality teachers is the single best indicator of student learning. Another important aspect of student learning is a teacher's general understanding of the standards, issues and trends relative to all the content areas that make up a comprehensive education including physical education. The National Association for Sport and Physical Education (NASPE), which has been setting the standard for the professions for over 34 years, has developed guidelines and interview questions to help you to hire the best physical education faculty and contribute to the total education of your students.

Resources for Administrators
Today’s school administrator is faced with greater demands on time than ever before. To assist you in your school leadership efforts for quality physical education programs and student achievement, visit the NASPE website at There you will find complimentary position papers such as Recess in Elementary Schools, and Physical Education is Critical to a Complete Education; and valuable resource materials such as National Standards for Physical Education, Opportunity to Learn Standards and Appropriate Instructional Practices.

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