Ten Alternatives to Tag

Robyn Hooker, principal of Kent Gardens Elementary School in McLean, Va., added her name to the list of principals last week when she eliminated "tag" as one of the recess game choices. Hooker explained to parents in a letter this month that tag had become a game "of intense aggression," and it seems the kid's tag game turned into a game of "pile up" instead.

See a great animation of the game of tag from the Virginian Pilot Newspaper!

Since tag continues to get unsatisfactory reviews from some schools and some principals, I put together a list of 10 activities that provide alternatives to tag. Click for the rules to the games list below as alternatives to tag.

1. Jumprope
2. Jogging-set up the field for laps and have children run and gather Popsicle stick per lap.
3. Hopscotch
4. Kickball5. Catch
6. Cat’s in the Cradle
7. Chinese Jump Rope
8. Telephone
9. Follow the leader
10.Keep Away

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Should tag be allowed in elementary schools? What are your thoughts?