Don't submit a PEP Grant without SHI scores

If you are considering submitting a PEP grant don't forget to include the School Health Index data for Physical Education and Nutrition Services at very least.

The School Health Index is a free assessment tool that can be downloaded from the Center for Disease Control DASH website. The SHI Index is mentioned in the PEP Application question 2a & 3a. Those questions with a combined point value of 30 points specifically state "If the applicant has responded to the invitational priority, the applicant should describe how the School Health Index assessment findings are related to the proposed project.)

How the Works?

The health and safety habits of students are influenced by the entire school environment. Therefore, the SHI has eight different modules, each corresponding to a component of a coordinated school health program. A team consisting of representatives from different groups within the school—parents, teachers, students, administrators, other staff members,and concerned community members—is responsible for completing eight self-assessment modules. Responses to the items are scored to help you identify your school’s strengths and weaknesses. These data can then be utilized for planning and coordinating an improvement plan.