Alternatives to withholding recess

“I am looking into alternatives to taking away recess as a form of
punishment. At our elementary school, the children have a 30 minute recess
period every day. However, if a child does something during the day (hitting,
biting, etc.) the punishment is usually missing recess. Our board has determined
that this is not in keeping with our new wellness policy. I am researching
Given the value of recess in a student’s physical and social development,
and the need for periodic breaks from classroom instruction, using recess as
punishment is inappropriate.
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Zero Cost Alternatives (Positive think "earned as opposed to taking away")

1. Sit by friends
2. Watch a video
3. Read outdoors
4. Teach the class
5. Have extra art time
6. Extra music and reading time
7. Homework coupon
8. Coupon for prizes and privileges
9. Enjoy class outdoors
10. Play a computer game
11. Read to a younger class
12. Get a no homework pass
13. Make deliveries to the office
14. Listen to music while working
15. Play a favorite game or puzzle
16. Earn play money for privileges
17. Walk with a teacher during lunch
18. Be a helper in another classroom
19. Eat lunch with a teacher or principal
20. Dance to favorite music in the classroom
21. Get “free choice” time at the end of the day
22. Listen with a headset to a book on audiotape
23. Have a teacher perform special skills (i.e. sing)
24. Have a teacher read a special book to the class
25. Recognition with morning announcements
26. Chat break at the end of class
27. Taking care of the class pet

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