Quick & Easy Guide to School Wellness

Healthy Schools Campaign and School Health Corp. are pleased to announce the release of "The Quick & Easy Guide to School Wellness", a multimedia how-to guide filled with comprehensive information, practical advice, tools and resources. The guide made its debut at the National Association of School Nurses conference in Nashville, Tenn. with positive and enthusiastic reviews from school nurse leaders in attendance.

The guide, available free of charge to schools and nonprofits, was developed in response to a need for school stakeholders -- nurses, teachers, parents, administrators and students -- to effectively implement the school wellness policies that became mandatory in fall 2006. The guide includes multiple case studies, bonus tip sheets, and a comprehensive set of documents and resources from leading organizations throughout the country.

According to Jean Saunders, director of school wellness for the Healthy Schools Campaign, "It doesn't have to be overwhelming. This guide brings together the most important resources in one place and makes it easy to create healthy change one step at a time."