Bullying Prevention Cards

The set of Bullying Prevention Cards is easy to use and there is an illustration for each task card. They are a great idea for reminding students about behaviors that may be bullying and they should avoid.
The digital download provides instant access to the pdf format of 16 cards representing bullying prevention strategies that students can use.
In the preview above you can see that I store my cards/products in 9" x 12" white envelopes and laminate or glue the cover on the front of the envelope. This fits into a regular size file drawer for easy storage.
Bullying Prevention Card Set:
Hang with a friend to avoid being bullied
Don't bully and hide behind a screen
Bullies are not the boss
Be a buddy, not a bully
Don't frighten other students
"No" means "No"
Be a friend when someone is being bullied
Thank before you speak to avoid saying something hurtful
If you're bullied - Tell an adult
Hurtful words can be bullying
If you're bullied tell a teacher
No bullying sign
See something say something
Only say on the phone what you would in person
Making fun of someone is bullying

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