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Study: Recess Before Lunch Works

Another study indicates that recess before lunch does indeed work to increase fruit and veggie consumption in children.
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60 Alternatives to withholding recess.

Recess Before Lunch  Information Page
The Recess Before Lunch trend is growing.  Ten states have Recess Before Lunch policies or recommendations for implementing Recess Before Lunch Programs.
ColoradoRecess Before Lunch: The School Site Resource Kit: Implementation Guide for the Colorado Physical Activity and Nutrition State Plan (2010) recommends that schools implement recess before lunch.
KansasRecess Before Lunch: The Wellness Policy Guidelines (2010) "exemplary" le…
Great  video on the Benefits Of Recess Before Lunch.

Thinking  of implementing Recess Before Lunch at  your school? Visit our Recess Before Lunch page on our website for informational videos,  brochure samples, podcast, etc.  Or download some of the posted articles on the topic of RBL.

Download:Barriers to Recess Placement Prior to Lunch in Elementary Schools
Child Nutrition Professionals, National Food Service Management Institute 2006 Download:B…
Contributed by JC Boushh The Cincinnati Enquirer recently posted an article “More Students Feel Lunchtime Crunch” investigating the growing issue of shortened school lunch times. Inquiries to parents throughout the Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky area showed a consensus among parents that many school lunch periods had been shortened by as much as 10 minutes. Students complained that there was not enough time for them to get in line to r…
Recess Before Lunch plan nixed when School Board votes down cost of new sinks. One of the biggest obstacles to a Recess Before Lunch schedule is often hand washing. On the traditional eat first and play later option children often wash their hands in the classroom before lining up for lunch.

District 861 School Board in conjunction with the local Wellness Committee are looking for grant funding to cover the $10,000 cost of the new sinks to be in…
An article in Deleware online cites the benefits of Recess Before Lunch including better behavior and less food waste. Recent studies and data from districts across the country are convincing more school officials to change the time-honored order of lunch then recess.

According the the article: "Principals of scores of schools who moved recess before lunch discovered that not only do students eat more and waste less food, but behavior impr…
The New York Times ran an article, Play, Then Eat: Shift May Bring Gains at School.

"Can something as simple as the timing of recess make a difference in a child’s health and behavior?

Some experts think it can, and now some schools are rescheduling recess — sending students out to play before they sit down for lunch. The switch appears to have led to some surprising changes in both cafeteria and classroom."

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Recess Before Lunch schedule is catching on. Here's an article from Southern CA regarding their switch to the recess first schedule.

Don't forget to check out the Peaceful Playgrounds Featured Article on Recess Before Lunch and join us for a webinar on the topic called Recess Before Lunch 5 Steps to Success.Registration Link
To make recess periods effective, schools should:

• Have enough trained adults on hand to enforce and prevent aggressive, bullying behavior.

• Work with police departments and community agencies to address safety concerns about children playing in school playgrounds in high-crime areas.

• Provide space, facilities, equipment and supplies that can make active participation in physical activity during recess appealing to children.

• Have staff encour…
As the school year begins you may be considering low cost solutions to problems. Recess Before Lunch is one such example. And schools that are implementing Recess Before Lunch are getting some amazing results. Kids eat more, waste less food, return to class calmer, behave better and as a result, instruction time is increased.

You might be wondering, “So exactly what is recess before lunch?” Basically it is where kids go to recess first and eat …
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Recess is on the Upswing

The growing support for daily recess is gaining momentum. Parents, educators, and public health organizations have all engaged …
A few brave principals across the nation are bringing a long standing school tradition to an end. They are advocating Recess Before Lunch. Recent research shows the number of schools implementing Recess before Lunch is rapidly growing.

Kids eat more, waste less food, return to class calmer, behave better and as a result, instruction time is increased. Sounds great but implementing Recess Before Lunch can be tricky.

Attend this free webinar where w…
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The Montana Team Nutrition 2008 school principals survey on Recess Before Lunch was recently released. Download the survey from our Recess Before Lunch Featured Article page.

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Additional Recess Before Lunch Resources include:

Recess Before Lunch
Action for Healthy Kids Colorado, Western Dairy Council, 2005

Relationships of Meal and Reces…
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Implementing a Recess Before Lunch Program requires that students wait longer to eat which means that breakfast is especially important. With the down turn in the economy it has been reported that more and more students are attending school hungry often times as a result of skipping breakfast.

A new grant called the School Breakfast Program grant is available through Action for Healthy Kids and the Kellogg's Corporate Citizenship Fund. The…
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Grant Writing for the BeginnerRecess Before Lunch

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