Westside students enjoy new Peaceful Playgrounds Markings @Westgate66 students in PE class try out the colorful @peacefulplayground games @Westside66 .pic.twitter.com/oG0gLyix1m
 June Play Nice Newsletter

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Playground, parking lot or both???

I love it when I get questions like the one  below:

Good morning! I work at a local children\'s hospital which does a lot of work with the above school. We are trying to increase their wellness and physical activity options throughout the school day and was interested in Peaceful Playgrounds. The school currently just has an asphalt parking lot that they use for recess. 

They have some balls and equipment bu…
Here's some great pictures of the new Peaceful Playgrounds at Rocky Springs Elementary School in South Carolina.

Don't forget to share your pictures with us. We love them.   Here's a link to a find out more about painting your playground with games and markings.

PHOTOS: “Peaceful Playground” at West Haven, Conn. School - New Haven Register Media Center

Ribbon Cutting for Peaceful Playgrounds at Savin Rock Community School in West Haven, CT.   Photographs by Peter Hvizdak / New Haven Register

(Peter Hvizdak — New Haven Register) Savin Rock Community School in West Haven, Conn. holds a ribbon-cutting for its "peaceful playground" Wednesday, November 20, 2013. The playground has designs and te…
Principal's testimonial of effects of Peaceful Playgrounds on her school site.

1) Significant decrease in office discipline referrals
2) More kids playing cooperatively
3) More kids joining into games
4) Staff enjoying learning playground games

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Peaceful Playgrounds Physical Education (Fundamental)
by Travis Saunders Obesity Panacea

In most developed nations, kids get far less physical activity than they did just a few generations ago. Given the strong links between physical inactivity and health risk (and given that we're now seeing "adult" diseases like heart disease and type 2 diabetes in children and teenagers), this has become a very real public health concern. Unfortunately, when it comes to increasing childhood physic…
From Whitter Daily News
By Tracy Garcia, Staff Writer
Posted: 10/25/2009

"It's something I read about on the Internet and it grabbed my eye," said Principal Marla Duncan, who said the 575-student campus had been fundraising for years to get new playground equipment.

"But we raised money not knowing how expensive (the equipment) is, along with the installation," she said.

"And since we couldn't afford to put more equi…
This video is of a 9-11 Service Learning Project from the Lewis-Clark Service Corps (division of Americorps) in Idaho. The university kinesiology department in conjunction with the service learning organization painted the Peaceful Playgrounds games and markings for a local Christian school called, Corner Stone Christine School. Watch the video of the painting and children's experience with Peaceful Playgrounds.

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By Bret Liebendorfer
Columbus News - Columbus, OH

Working on their hands and knees, parent volunteers have been busy painting symbols and patterns they hope will upgrade the Norwich Elementary School playground.

The volunteers are working to turn the space into a Peaceful Playground, which aims to increase exercise and educational opportunities while decreasing bullying.

Examples of the new designs that will be painted before the start of the school…