Educational Playground Connections

This is a One Minute video on Playground Tips on Body & Space Concepts.

This video speaks to the issue of playground design.  And how it effects learning.

Schools should capitalize on learning opportunities and the playground is an opportunity to reinforce concepts learned in the classroom.

It is important to note that children first learn academic concepts like body in space before they can apply these concepts to paper or a book.

For example children need to know where the top and bottom of their body is before they can apply that concept to paper.

Most concepts like in, out, on, above, below etc. are best learned first in relation to your body. For example this student is jumping the letters in the alphabet in order and reinforces learning the alphabet in the classroom.

Another preposition is to jump “across” the target. This applies in the classroom to drawing a line across the page connecting to the correct answers on paper.

So in review, body and space concepts are learned best outside when moving the body and later these concepts can be applied inside to a piece of paper or a book.

Thank you for attending this One-Minute Playground Tip session on Body and Space inside and outside.  We hope you join us again and check out our You Tube Channel for other playground tips.