Dodgeball: Should Schools Allow It?

 A "hot topic" any school year is the issue of Dodgeball.  Teachers and administrators will consider should we or shouldn't we allow dodgeball?  The National Association of Sport and Physical Education  put out a position statement on dodgeball a few years ago.  You can download it and  many other playground resources at Peaceful Playgrounds Resources.

NASPE Position Statement on Dodgeball

According to NASPE dodgeball is not an appropriate activity for K-12 school physical education programs. The purpose of physical education is to provide students with:
1) The knowledge, skills, and confidence needed to be physically active for a lifetime.

2) A daily dose of physical activity for health benefits and

3) Positive experiences so that kids want to be physically active outside of physical education class and throughout their lifetime.

Some kids may like it–the most skilled, the most confident. But many do not. Certainly not the student who gets hit hard in the stomach, head, or groin. And it is not appropriate to teach our children that you win by hurting others.

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